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So whilst on holiday this week, visiting Aldeburgh (Suffolk coast), I saw an MHS van.....

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VanillaPumpkin Sat 23-Aug-08 14:15:32

what on earth could it be doing there on a sunny Friday afternoon grin?????
I am so sad I even took a photo to show DH. I truly need to get out more.

sunnytimer Sat 23-Aug-08 14:42:16

Message withdrawn

glucose Sat 23-Aug-08 21:57:26

PossiblY to do with a base in Woodbridge? Or there was an atomic wepons testing place at Orford, so maybe some quarters were in Alburgh, and have been kept on?
Did you think it would be a nice place to have an MQ? Or are you stalking MHS?

VanillaPumpkin Sun 24-Aug-08 13:01:04

It would be a fabulous place to have a MQ and hence why I doubt there are any and thought he was very suspicious....grin. Lol at stalking MHS.
we should have a competition for the most obscure places to see an MHS van. I have seen them in Suffolk before and it always throws me as I feel so far from home and yet of course there is Woodbridge, Honington, Wattisham, quarters at Ipswich and Sutton Heath etc etc. Still think Aldeburgh is too far off the beaten track though.....

glucose Mon 25-Aug-08 11:26:32

Must have been on a jaunt for ice creams then. I must be more observant and keep an eye out for MHS vans, I am a real spotter so this will be right up my street!

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