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anyone leaving the army?

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Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 18:44:13

do you know what the timescales are, post pension point, if you put your resignation in at the mo?
dh might have a job offer, but i have no idea if it'll keep that long...

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 18:54:09

I must be thick - I don't quite understand the question! Timescales for what?

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 19:07:13

sorry, been an interesting day. dh is still ticking over nicely in the army with the knowledge that he is past his pension point and can resign having qualified etc. If he rings glasgae and says 'cheerio' (ok - applies to say 'cheerio') tomorrow, (for example), would it be 7 months? 12 months? until his exit date? happy that his last day at work would vary according to resettlement, leave, etc etc, but is there any possibility, at all, that he could take up a job in (gulp) civvy street on 1 Feb? or should he just tell them he's not allowed to play because the army can't release him that quickly?
i have no idea what a realistic timescale is...

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 19:09:21

i know only glasgow can give him an exact, but i was wondering if the wonderful world of mn might have an idea? (or the wonderful world of mn's husband/wife?)
(actually, i'm going to get him to ring tomorrow and say 'mn says i can leave at christmas'... do you think that would swing it?)

weepootle Thu 21-Aug-08 19:20:14

Generally, if there's a job offer waiting for you then they'll release you for it. I've known people to start another job within a month.

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 19:24:16

really? from flash to bang? or having resigned and then picking up a job offer at an interim point during your notice period?

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 19:28:21

dh thinks it 7 months, but they can force you to 12... i'm sure they vary it according to circumstance but it's amazing it can be that fast. i've never known the mod move faster than a sloth! he's been avoiding asking the question until he actually gets the job offer - the usual paranoia about never getting a plum posting because they know you're looking at leaving etc. so he can't ask until he has it in his mitts...

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 19:42:53

For Officers the requirement is to give 7-12 months notice.

If dh has been offered a civilian job he neeeds to contact his MCM Division immediately. Job offers are not to be accepted until the ARB approves PVR.

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:02:40

thanks hf - i assumed he knew what he was talking about but it's been a couple of years since he was a deskie.

oh bum. he won't accept until he's got a confirmed exit date anyway, was just wondering what the current feeling for timings was...

how long do they normally take to decide to approve and confirm an exit date? fast? grin

<shakes head slowly as job disappears over horizon>

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:05:47

Is it a good job? Can he explain situation to potential employer?

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:11:56

he explained in interview - they have said they are prepared to wait for right candidate la la la. but have suggested that feb would be about the limit, they can put cover in place until then...

he hasn't actually got the job (last 4 lol), but they have headhunted him for interview. they know that if they are going to want him they need to make a decision quickly... so now we're just trying to work out what the last possible point for an offer might be, before he has to turn it down anyway!! grin

<sigh> i'll still be here in ten years time and he'll be CGS. lol.

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:14:42

And you will be Lady Romy! As an aside I am going to be living in Woking from 1 October.

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:21:58

ah. 30 mins in the car or ten on the train lol.
have you sorted work?

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:32:12

I will be too busy flower arranging/making cupcakes for work. Seriously though I am on 12 months maternity leave - back to work in January in London - Civil Servant.

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:38:15

easy trip to waterloo then. didn't realise you had a shiny new one grin

i made a joke about flower arranging. once. i haven't dared since.

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:41:23

We were going to buy - and actually put in an offer which was accepted but got cold feet in view of current property market.

Instead have got a hiring/SFA at least for 6 months.

DD is 7 months old. Our first!

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:58:51

omw. i've turned into one of those women who have nothing in common with anyone else at the coffee morning. are you actually allowed school age children in the army any more? i think mine are at that difficult age lol. you know, in between mums n tots and boarding school.
there are of course a zillion teenies here, making me enormously broody, but 3 is apparently enough. i have to be content to collect dogs instead of children. labradors, natch. dd2 is desperate for a baby, ds1 would like a brother. i did tentatively suggest a vasectomy reversal but i may as well have suggested a posting to the battalion. not going to happen, either way.
aw. if she's squawking, bring her over here. at least you'll fit in - my baby is going to school in three weeks!

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:02:06

DD was born the day before dh's 40th Birthday! When I have moved you can come round for a cuppa. Labs most welcome!

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:06:12

aw, happy birthday daddy!
i think it's very important to wait until you're ready
until you go to your booking in appointment and they tick 'elderly primagravida'
that's not quite so cool.
<unless you're 23, in which case, dh is very rebel and must have much kudos with the troops, less with their wives>

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:12:04

I am only 38 (37 when she was born!!). And the MV didn't say elderly - just primagravida thank goodness.

The funny thing is I'm an only one and was born when my mum was 37 - those were the days when she was classed as an 'elderly'. LOL.

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:26:42

i had dd1 in germany - it definitely said elderly. mind you, ssafa midwife, so the forms had probably been stockpiled sinced 1963 lol.
my dad told me i was being ridiculous to even contemplate running a marathon after having children. apparently i'm not as young as i once was.
haven't got round to it yet, mind, but i like to think as there are 90 year olds trotting round, there might still be time...
you're older than me lol. i'm not 38 until jan. although i did spend all of last year telling everyone i was 37, much to dh's amusement. so i think i'll stay safely 37, forever, as i've already been here a year and a half and it seems quite comfortable.
i'm not sure how i managed to grow an 8 year old though. hmm she was born 3 days before my birthday, by cs. i still had surgical stockings on eating my birthday cake.

so do you think there's any chance at all that he'd be able to start a new job in feb? by my reckoning he's got about two weeks to get it all tied up, and he'd still have to start during terminal leave... just supposing they say 7 months... is that even allowed? i know people do it, but...

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:33:34

LOL at the forms stockpiled since 1963!

Marathon {hmm} I do like walking though!

Well I am no expert but I think the bit about he needs to 'contact his MCM Division immediately. Job offers are not to be accepted until the ARB approves PVR' is interesting.

I was saying the other day that 1 year tours could be on the cards - that will make a lot of people want to leave - job offer or not. They must have thought about this/revised/devised procedure.

What is your DH? Mine is Infantry.

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:53:34

you are far superior lol. mere reme.

the americans already do a year though - it will cause all sorts if issues with welfare, but somehow or other they are going to have to sort out the whole harmony nonsense.
it's just decision point generally, for us. with 3 in school we're not quite as portable as we were, and dd2 has sn, which means trotting to ceas every time he wants a posting, to see if we'll be allowed to go or not. not that mcm will take any notice, and nor will dh, it'll just be me having a last minute flap and trying to negotiate nhs/lea every time. don't mind personally as long as dh's decision is to stay in the army, but i can see stability being an issue for dd2 in the long run.

oh well. we'll have to wait and see. he probably won't get the job anyway. grin in which case i'll just have to put up with lady romy lol. a reme. as if.

hf128219 Thu 21-Aug-08 22:57:22

I will still invite you round for tea/coffee!

It's all tricky, isn't it? The job/schooling/housing business.

Romy7 Thu 21-Aug-08 23:10:24

i'll just waft about for a week or two humming 'whatever will be, will be'...

right. must put the bins out. the joys of absent husbands. g'night!

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