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Hey McDreamy.....

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VanillaPumpkin Sat 16-Aug-08 21:05:52

Are you still about? I might be after some info from you soon as I have friends from here coming out your way in November and I am a bit out of touch now. They have sooo many questions and school age children (which I didn't have when I was there).
Hope everything is well with you and it isn't too hot (as if).

McDreamy Thu 21-Aug-08 11:26:27

Hi VP. Have been in the UK for a month without much access to the internet! Back now though - ask away smile

flossie64 Thu 21-Aug-08 21:13:18

Sorry for the hijack, but can you give us the low down on what is good to do in Cyprus.
We are going there for our hols in October.My DH has been there loads enroute to elsewhere of course, but has no clue about anything for us to do as a family.
My dd wil be almost 6 when we go.
VP , I hope you don't

MouseMate Fri 22-Aug-08 07:44:49

Hi VP and Flossie - I'm also in Cyprus so could help if McDreamy is busy......... (although I have only been here 2 months, so prob not as clued up)

Flossie, what side of the Island are you going to?

flossie64 Fri 22-Aug-08 13:04:52

Thanks Mousemate, I'm going to Paphos .
We do plan on hiring a car for some of our time there ,but I seem unable to find out about anything except historical monuments.hmm
Not of much interest to a young child .
I was beginnig to wonder if I had made a huge mistake .

VanillaPumpkin Sat 23-Aug-08 14:13:19

Oh hello all.
I have been visiting my Mum and stepdad for the week so missed you all. I will be posting questions soon though so stay ready grin.
McD - Any news on your quarter??

Flossie - Cyprus is a GREAT place to go with children. They are welcome everywhere!
There is a good Bird Park near Paphos that we enjoyed visiting. And a Donkey Sanctuary in the mountains (but probably a bit of a trek for you.) Have fun.

flossie64 Sun 24-Aug-08 10:10:38

Hi VP, I would be happy to go to the donkey sanctuary.
As for the birds shock I would not go anywhere near as I am totally phobic and jump a mile at anything with wings and clawsblush

VanillaPumpkin Sun 24-Aug-08 13:05:03

Oh no sad. It is really good. Lots to see.
The waterpark at Fassouri near Limassol is good, but I bet there is one closer to Paphos. October will still def be beach weather so don't discount the joy of a bucket and spade smile.
Am sure the others will be back with better suggestions soon. You will have a great time, but expect to be ignored while your dd is fussed over and spoilt and has sweets thrust into her hands grin.

McDreamy Sun 24-Aug-08 16:54:20


Yes we have been allocated a quarter, nice area, school looks nice but we weren't able to visit as the holidays had started. Def moving back in Oct half term.

As for things to do in Cyprus with the children - loads in Oct!! Beach as VP has said, Donkey Sanctury, Camel Park, Bird Park which strangly isn't all about birds, there is a water park in Paphos (I haven't been but heard its good). Coral Bay just outside Paphos is great. I think you'll find you'll be fine smile

VanillaPumpkin Mon 25-Aug-08 17:23:25

Good news McD smile

flossie64 Tue 26-Aug-08 13:05:51

Thanks VP and McD.
If you hear on the news of a woman running like a mad thing with her family standing back laughing , that will be me . LOL

MouseMate Tue 26-Aug-08 18:57:24

Flossie - How tall and brave is dd? Only ask because Waterpark in Paphos is geared more towards older/taller kids. My dd is 3 and can go on most of the rides in Fasouri (accompanied by screaming mum!) but was only allowed in the kids section in Paphos - which she promptly labelled 'boring'. Also the beds to visitors ratio is not as good in Paphos.

If you've got a hire car Limassol (Fasouri) is only 45 mins or so from Paphos.

Lady's Mile Beach in Limassol is excellent for kids (and adults) - very safe and sandy whereas most beaches in Paphos are rocky.

Is dh military? If so ask for 'residents prices' at attractions, using mil ID as 'proof' (say you are stationed in Episkopi or Akrotiri) - you will get up to half price - for example this weekend went to water park. Adult price was 28 euro, kids 19 euro. We got in for 19 euro and kids 11.

Where are you staying, Villa or Hotel - SC? Cheapest supermarkets (IMHO) are 'So Easy' or Carrefor. Orphanedies (sp?) are ok but not good for veg. You can drink the (heavily chlorinated) water - but I wouldnt.

Steer clear of 'Bar Street' in Paphos with dd in tow - full of pissheads (and lots of mil!) Although the Red Lion is good for food. There is a great Tapinyaki (sp? - like a chinese but where they chop up and cook the food in front of you) on the outskirts - but I cant remember the name right now - McDreamy?

anything else smile

hf128219 Tue 26-Aug-08 18:59:42

You must go to Pissouri (village) and Pissouri Beach - lovely. Half way between Paphos and Limassol.

McDreamy Tue 26-Aug-08 18:59:58

The one in Limassol is called Tokyo, is that it? Didn't realise the water park in Paphos wasn't as good for little ones in Paphs, Fasouri is great, we're off there this weekend! grin

VanillaPumpkin Tue 26-Aug-08 19:31:11

Tokio in Limassol is fabulous.

I love love love Pissouri too. Had lots of lovely hols there when living at Aki and you can hire a canoe and paddle out to spot turtles smile. It was Oct when we spotted some too.
Amazing restaurant there just off the roundabout next to Pepis supermarket and the car park called.......Liminaki???????

McDreamy Tue 26-Aug-08 19:32:45

ooh Liminaki's is one of my favourite restaurants but nowhere tops Littlle Plates in Limassol grin

How are you VP? Any posting news yet?

VanillaPumpkin Tue 26-Aug-08 19:39:20

Little Plates is brilliant too and we found it far too late!!!

No, no posting and not really expecting one, apart from the fact we have just moved ourselves into this fabulous big officers quarter that I love, so of course they will now move us grin.
TBH we are keeping our heads down. Better the devil you know and all that for now. I think I will be ready to go when our time comes though. Have been here 2.5 years now but don't want to move for the sake of it. They seem to be sitting all the Sgt's tight at the mo hmm.

flossie64 Wed 27-Aug-08 12:27:40

thanks everyone , i feel much better about this holiday now grin
My dd is very tall at 125cm and still only 5 !! Hope she doesn't grow as fast as my DS , he was 200cm at 12 !! Now he is 212cm.hmm
Also Dh is RAF so that is good news about the available discounts , I am always one for a bargain.

flossie64 Wed 27-Aug-08 12:33:27

Forgot , we are staying at the first choice holiday village, self catering.
I find it so much easier than hotaels especially with my little fuss pot with
Thats not DH by the way smile

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