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DH phoned me the other day.. and....

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twoplusone Thu 07-Aug-08 22:21:04

As you know DH is due back soon.. 12sleeps.. from Afghan.. He phoned me the other day to warn me hs new unit has been on the phone and loooks like he is going to Iraq dfor 6weeks in Oct.. Better than 6monthst again.. but I am a bit miffed, This would be a 3rd operational tour.. al be it short in less than 24months!!!!.. PLUS TWO 6WEEK COURSES IN THAT TIME TOO...

Sorry didnt mean for that to be in caps.

We arwe movingthe week he gets back.. omg the packers come 2weeks tommorow.
So he is going to have his POTL.. then be at work for 2weeks then go again by the look of it.. I am just hoping my children esp my middle one. is ok with it as he really feels his daddy been away.. I was hoping that when he got back we would get a good few mobnths in as family time.. It now means he is going to iss my brothers Passing out parade too ..
Saying that it isnt confirmed et..but i am preparing myself for it, as why else woud his new unit phone him up in Afghan, before he has started there...

looks like it is here we go again..

Sorry rant over..

Sidge Thu 07-Aug-08 22:57:22

Oh poor you, it's non-stop isn't it?

I feel like DH (Navy) has hardly been here this year).

Hope your DH doesn't have to go so soon.

Romy7 Mon 11-Aug-08 10:04:16

Harmony guidelines for us are 12 months in 3 years... sounds like he's right up there. Fingers crossed for a quiet spell xx

twoplusone Tue 12-Aug-08 15:39:23

yep.. it will be 11and 1/2months in 2years..

Not holding my breath about him not going away next year though.. not the way things are at the mo..

Oh well.. lets hope i enjoy the new unit and will have plenty to keep me

Romy7 Tue 12-Aug-08 16:31:55

where are you off to? somewhere lovely, i hope grin
mind you, last time i threw a paddy about him being told he was going away (full on waterworks, the lot), they mobilised me as a reservist to arrive in theatre the week before him, so i do try not to lose it these days blush
the fact i then found out i was pregnant and couldn't go (war dodger) just complicated it enormously
the sheer frequency at the moment is breathtaking - does anyone actually know what steady state workload actually looks like without a conflict or ten to ramp it up? oh, for the good old days... <ponders civvy street for the umpteenth time this week>

twoplusone Tue 12-Aug-08 19:52:24

We are going to Herford..

know what you mean..

Feeling very sad as the lad that was killed yesterday was from my DH regt.. it is too close to home... I just want him home now.... A week today... Really hopingnow that the unit change there minds about DH going to Iraq.

Romy7 Wed 13-Aug-08 11:43:13

i've worked in movements for 13 years, and still get a lump in my throat seeing the guys move through the terminal. it's the waiting kids that get me every time lol.

oddly, the rest of it is just part of the job, and i can deal with it routinely on the airfield (breathtaking that it is routine now), but it's when the families are involved, who just didn't choose the way of life at all, that the emotion kicks in.


Herford should be nice though! grin
Hope the week goes quickly xx

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