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MHS - Unbelievable

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saltire Wed 06-Aug-08 20:00:23

Our garage door won't shut. it is connected to teh hosue by a door that - guess what - doesn't lock properly.

The garage door has always been quite secure but for some reason it won't shut properly and therefore we can't lcok it, which leaves the contents of it, and the house vulnerable.
So i calle dhtem up and they said "it's not an emergency, someone can come round on friday"
So i said, very well, but I shall be suing MHS if anything gets stolen from my garage or house becasue of this, as my contents insurance won't cover if the house isn't secure.
They said "well you could always move everyhting out of you garage into the house and put something behind the door into the house fromt eh garage in teh meantime

3andnomore Wed 06-Aug-08 20:16:49

I have nowadays mixed feelings about this, because we are now civvy street....because, obviously all repairs are pretty cheap, therefore, well, one can't really complain in a way....but I can completely understand why you are so pissed off...however, could you get it privately sorted?

3andnomore Wed 06-Aug-08 20:18:32

I meant repairs whilst in the army and in a married quarter repairs are cheap or even free...whilst in civvystreet you always have to pay (albeit, I do not know how it works with privately rented accomodation and the laws with that, but know that friends who privately rent have a hard time to get any repairs done via private landlord...

Romy7 Wed 06-Aug-08 20:41:55

Don't know if you are allowed to, are you? (asking, got no idea) just in this day and age where MHS are contracted to carry out repairs to MOD property I can see all hell letting loose if they don't get their money cos we all go to Jack down the road... I'm sure the contracts folk would go bananas... that said, we're currently, erm, repairing our built in kitchen cupboards courtesy of MFI, so don't tell anyone, will ya? grin

SazzyMCH Fri 08-Aug-08 21:49:22

You certainly could do it yourself, but why should you - that's what we pay for. We don't pay rent so much as as a charge for maintenance and repair.

MHS can be a total nightmare - I hope you got it sorted out today.

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