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moving to Herford...

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twoplusone Fri 06-Jun-08 20:02:25


we are moving to Herford should be Oct but I am going to push for August..

what are the houses like.

Is there availability for a 4 bedroomed, i am happy to live away from camp.

My children will be 1, 4 and 12..

Anyinfo much appreciated.


twoplusone Fri 06-Jun-08 22:12:11

ment to add we are moving on promotion hubby got his Staffy today so i am really proud of him..
Just a shame he isnt here to celebrate...

hertsnessex Fri 06-Jun-08 22:13:31

where is herford?

littlelapin Fri 06-Jun-08 22:14:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Fri 06-Jun-08 22:14:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Scootergrrrl Sat 07-Jun-08 09:45:29

You want Muchlesstirednow - I'll shout her for you!

twoplusone Sat 07-Jun-08 12:29:53

thank you..
Staff Sgt..little lapin.

twoplusone Sat 07-Jun-08 12:34:17

Litlelapin.. yes he is hot and sandy..

we had rnr a few weeks ago. 11 weeks till he is home and counting...

littlelapin Sat 07-Jun-08 12:37:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twoplusone Sat 07-Jun-08 12:52:27

Litlelapin.. yes he is hot and sandy..

we had rnr a few weeks ago. 11 weeks till he is home and counting...

MuchLessTiredNow Tue 10-Jun-08 17:25:20

Hi there - we are in Herford - it is sweet - a little town and the locals are friendly. There is a good nursery there, and the school here is primary - both are on the same camp.As for the secondary school,it is in Rinteln, I think, so it is a bit of a bus journey, but my dcs are 4, 3 and 1 so I am not at that stage yet. I think the quarters further out from camp are bigger for SSgts, in Bunde and Bad salzuflen, but the ones near camp are a bit smaller. There is a lot here for children to do and the camp facilities are good. HTH, feel free to e-mail me if you want - debsthorneathotmaildotcom.

Berryred Wed 11-Jun-08 20:29:16

oh haha I read it as hertford in england dohhhhhhhhhhhhh

twoplusone Tue 17-Jun-08 13:43:32

Thanks muchlesstirednow, I have put in for a 3 bed house.. the estate near the mess!!!!.. I have some friends there, I am sure the children will survive the reduction in rooms.. I am sure I will.. alot easier to clean..

However we may have a problem, my welfare phoned up to sort out move and they have no record of my hubby, going there.. so things are been looked into at the mo!!

Sorry it took so long to get in touch I have been of line for a week..

Thank you again..

twoplusone Thu 19-Jun-08 22:05:18

problem sorted.. I should have a quarter allocated by next week, I have put down , Glaxer *sp( and Ulmen.. Will see which ine i get.. But hubby willl be working near Glaxer... looks like I am going to have to et dd a new bed though as her bedroom is TINY apparantly.. as the boys will be sharing she will get the smallest room and my friend says hers is only 2m*2.7m.and no wardrobe...her room at the mo is prob 8m*5m with a built in wardrobe.

But I am just glad problem has been sorted i have started to clear out this end determined not to take all the junk with us thartwe have been carrying round.. just leaving in boxes then moving them again. <anaged to get rid of loads already.. So much easier with dh away as he cant stop me.. witht he One day i might use that, or wear that again. he must have 50 running tops... he never goes running at hime unless he has PT.. so the ones I dont like are going..

Sorry waughling now.
getting excited though about the move i like moving new places, new people.. new friends to make.

twoplusone Mon 30-Jun-08 20:58:08

Still waiting for my quarter address.. I ohoned last week, to see what was happening.. and was told i couldnlt be hosed where I had asked for and had to go to Bunde if I wanted an address..!!!! I said to them Bunde is no good as there is nothing for my daughter to do there , all the clubs for her are on camp..
SO I spoke to my friends who informed me that there are a few empty quartes in her st.. her hubby went tot he estate warden and asked him.. and was told there are 6 empty and unallocated houses and more coming up for the area I want and no reason why oine cant be ready for us to march into at end August... I was fuming.. so her hubby has taken it up with the housing officer for me as dh still in theatre.... I should have an address by the end of the week...

I hope so as i am getting excited about movingnow, but will be more so when I get an address.. makesit more real..

kitkat9 Tue 01-Jul-08 23:02:38

I was in Herford for nearly 4 years. You definitely do NOT want to be in Bad Salzuflen or Bunde - both nice towns in their own right, and nice to visit etc, but EVERYTHING is on camp, and wherever you live in Herford you'll only be at most 10 minutes drive away. I used to live 5 minutes drive, and used to occasionally walk to camp, took about 20 minutes. If you were living in Glatzer, you're perhaps just that wee bit too far to walk, but not even 10 minutes away in the car. I had loads of pals live down there, the houses are fine. Plus you're easy walking from a nice park and the naafi. And Lidl!

Bunde and Bad Sal are about 20 minutes drive away.

As for Herford itself; well, I found it quite cliquey at times but all in all it's pretty friendly. There was a mums and tots group on a Wed morning, as I recall, which was a good start to meet folk. There's also a pretty good soft play area for the kids on camp, open all day which is handy. There's a cafe next to it which I think is open in the morning. You can flop on the sofa with a cuppa while the kids run wild.

The creche/nursey/pre-school was very good. The staff were lovely. My ds went from about 18 months old until he was over 3, and still talks about it!

Away from camp, there is a terrific swimming pool complex called H2O - slides, kiddie pool, outdoor pool, wave machine, it's great and good for hot days. Think it was pretty cheap too. Your kids will LOVE it.

You can use the gym on camp too, if you're so inclined, otherwise loads of people I knew joined private local gyms that had creche facilites - think they only cost about 20 euros a month.

Be warned that everything in Germnay is closed on a Sunday - excluding most bars/restaurants. The naafi is open in the morning (but beware of ultra-ignorant can't-be-arsed teenage staff!) but supermarkets and all shops are closed. Also, the naafi is really over-priced - don't be scared of shopping at the local German supermarkets as they are way cheaper and generally sell familiar brands. (Use the naafi for tea-bags, HP, heinz beans - stuff like that you won't find in the German shops!) Lidl is fab and just about everyone shops there.

Wow, didn't mean to ramble on for so long. All I really meant to tell you was, DON'T live in Bunde or Bad Sal!

twoplusone Wed 02-Jul-08 15:09:49

kitkat9- Thank you.. I am still waiting for my quarter address gettign really hacked off as they wont let you book removals now without a delivery address.
I am in germnay ano we are based at Elmpt.. but we do live out at wildenrath.. even though it is a 20min drive to does have its own small naafi, a creche, a infant and junior school, with a nursery, Guides, scouts, youth club swimming pool.. so good for the children.

Iam excited about the move will be moreso when I ge a house..

kitkat9 Wed 02-Jul-08 15:58:38

oops, sorry, didn't realise you were in Germany already. You know all that stuff about the shops etc already!

twoplusone Thu 03-Jul-08 09:56:42

Thats ok kitkat the advise was appreciated..

My pre march out went well..

twoplusone Fri 04-Jul-08 14:07:00

Got my new quarter allocated today.. I go the area i wanted so I am happy.. I have my friends going to see if my stuff will fit in the garden as it is ion a hill apparantly.. so need to know if it is worth taking the trampoline.. the house and slide should be ok... dd will not be happy if her trampoline cant go!!! But such is life.xx

kitkat9 Mon 07-Jul-08 16:46:56

oh, I'm glad you got an address - which street? As I remember lots of people on Glatzer have trampolines so hopefully your dd won't be disppointed. Glatzer was also FULL of kids when we were in Herford, and the school bus picks them up on that street so it'll be quite handy. You'll need to register with the pre-school for your 4 year old, it's called Woodlands (I think!) and is really good.

twoplusone Wed 09-Jul-08 20:23:07

HI Kitkat.. yes we got Glatzer.. I drove there on sunday for the day.. house very small but we will be ok.. garden is a nice size.

My four year old will be starting at lister in september.. just waiting for the paperwork t come through. Got the paperwork for PRS through today..

Should be hearing from the removals tommorrow or friday.. Hopefully will get teh dates I want..

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