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Help for a fellow forces sweetheart..please

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mamazee Thu 03-Jan-08 22:37:52

I am e mailing this to see if there is anything I can do for a friend.

She is living in Germany (2 hours west of Munich). Her husband is in Iraq. She has no friends or family over there (they are both originally from US). She gave birth 3 months ago with him supporting her over the phone.She has been alone since her son was 2 weeks old.

She is really struggling and I don't know what to do to help.

Can she join mumsnet from Germany ?
If not do you know of another Europe wide english speaking site?
Is your experience that other wives are supportive when you are stationed abroad?

I so feel for all of you warrior ladies keeping families going on your own whilst your partners are away... motherhood is hard enough with two of you around.

Please help me help her to keep it together and get the support she needs.Any ideas gratefully received.

thank a million in advance


McDreamy Thu 03-Jan-08 22:39:36

Yes she can join from Germany. I am in Cyprus with the RAF! Get her signed up and on here. There is so much support here that she can tap into, poor lady. I look forward to chatting with her.

mamazee Thu 03-Jan-08 22:57:07

Thanks so much Mcdreamy.
have e mailed her so hopefully she will join.
Her son is crying alot which is bad enough but alone....i would go insane.

I hope that Cyprus is Ok.

happy 2008

McDreamy Thu 03-Jan-08 22:58:55

Poor girl. How long is her husband away for? Does she live on a camp? Are there baby groups she can go to? Let us know what she signs in as and I will look ou for her smile

callmeovercautious Thu 03-Jan-08 23:00:47

Get her on here, we will look after her smile It must be very hard for her, you are a great friend!

mamazee Thu 03-Jan-08 23:11:52

Thank you so much.
I think he is away for 6 months. Which seems insane to me but i know absolutely nothing about the forces. she should get back to me soonish and i will let you know her sign in name.

don't know details about it all as she is not a close friend.

I am REALLY hoping that she joins. she is a real sweetie.

littlelapin Thu 03-Jan-08 23:14:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Scootergrrrl Thu 10-Jan-08 18:27:37

I'm out in Germany as an army wife. If you'd like to give her my details, I'll help her find out what help she can get if you like. Is she on a big camp?

desperatelyseekingviolet Tue 06-Sep-11 16:25:42

Of course she can join mn from Germany. And I thought that I was a shit technophobe.

nomiddlename Thu 08-Sep-11 19:00:15

For immediate, practical help and support, she can chat to her unit welfare officer or SSAFA rep- perhaps they can get SSAFA to provide someone to help her out a bit.

Things like help gettting to the supermarket, going to baby clinic with her etc. Not sure how hard she is finding it but I think as well as mumsnet, sounds like she could do with some hands on help for a while.

madwomanintheattic Mon 12-Sep-11 19:43:43

some of the bigger garrisons have home-start volunteers now too.

there's loads of support available to her - she just needs to know where to look, and ask for help.

so difficult when you don't understand the system. the regiment should have a rear-party still in camp with a point of contact for spouses. does she know who her dh's boss's wife is? (either SNCO or OC, no matter) often someone who has been around a bit longer knows who to talk to - the difficulty is finding the wives who have holed up/ gone to ground. sometimes a lot of new wives/ wives with new babies do go back to the uk to family during op tour periods, so she may have just been missed off the list of 'people still here to keep an eye on'

i am so frustrated that this is still happening in this day and age.

where is she?

gladbag Mon 12-Sep-11 22:33:13

OP started thread in 2008, though all useful stuff to currently know. Strange to think she'll have a toddler now! Hope all is well.

madwomanintheattic Mon 12-Sep-11 23:30:36

ha! normally i spot those, gladbag. grin

am lolling that self-confessed 'shit technophobe' desperatelyseekingviolet accidentally bumped a three and a half year old thread though! grin

sod having a toddler, she's probably got three kids and lives in tunbridge wells...

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