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Birthday present ideas for DH in Afghanistan

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doghouse Sun 30-Sep-07 15:52:50

My DH has been in Afghanistan a month now (of a four month tour) and it is his birthday in October. I am new to this, as this is his first proper tour since we have been together.

I don't want to send him things for the sake of it but equally want to make him realise how much we miss him and to make the day special for him. Any ideas?


KerryMum Sun 30-Sep-07 15:54:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blandmum Sun 30-Sep-07 16:00:38

I always used to send a box of goodies to dh....lots of little things rather than one big thing was more fun for us, and also for dh.

If it is the same as during gulf war 2, are we thinking shoe box size?

Sweeties, soap and nice smellies, a book, some music, some funny things....puzzle books, if they have access to dvds a good film.

Dh also liked getting stuff that he could share with the rest of the crew, so good teabags and biscuits always went down well!

i also got a tiny clock that the alarm was the kids yelling, 'Get up daddy', that went down very well.

Scootergrrrl Sun 30-Sep-07 16:03:45

My friend sent her DH an ipod loaded with all his favourite songs while our lot were over there.
Lots of letters and pictures always went down well, and we also sent on of those alarm clocks like MB!
Magazines were good, and stuff like that. Take care and hope it goes quick x

Blandmum Sun 30-Sep-07 16:05:18

also a mini birthady cake is a nice touch like this

I think they do some that are not quite so girlie!

Jacaranda Sun 30-Sep-07 16:07:42

DH liked receiving anything made by the children. I also bought him one of those alarm clocks but he didn't like it, made him miss the children even more sad

A good book, mags, music, dvd, sweets. Maybe send him things like that and then give him his proper birthday present when he returns.

Are you ok? It's tough when they're away isn't it?

doghouse Sun 30-Sep-07 19:48:35

Thanks! Love the mini birthday cake idea. may get one with DD's photo on - she is only 6m and he is missing her terribly sad.

I think limit is 2kg for free postage so not too bad. He is 34 - will send some smellies and CD too. Just don't want him laden down with stuff that he will have to find space for coming back but he still has 3m to go and DVD is a good idea too. Even if he passes it on before he leaves.

Thanks again.

We are fine. A LO, a dog to walk and thankfully good support network up here (NCT, no army wives around sad or family) means the days fly by during the week. Weekends harder though.

Glad I have found this thread ... just discovered it! smile

mylastrolo Sun 30-Sep-07 22:33:19

my d/h loves catherine wheels licqorice. some child hood sweets drum sticks love hearts silly stuff. plus magazine ipod is good idea probably has one though. one of those we quotation books or "Life is shit" my husband has a ver dry wit and loved it!!

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 30-Sep-07 22:40:21

When DH was away in the falklands it was stuff like marmite, small minitures of malt whiskey (is that allowed) and photos and letters. Oh and cake. And a particular flavour of crisps (can't remember which now) which they could not get for love nor money!

littlelapin Sun 30-Sep-07 22:45:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mylastrolo Sun 30-Sep-07 23:11:44

my d/d's decorated d/h white box with hearts and flowers and pictures and stickers of hearts and smilie faces !! Then it was gone and i realised the ribbing he would get for such a girlie box. He loved it. made me laugh.

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