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New stamps with military uniforms on them,

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saltire Thu 20-Sep-07 10:36:39

here. Might have known the army would be first wink
I bet we will be queing up to buy them. The RAF ones go on sale next year and the Navy ones in 2009.

AZmom Thu 20-Sep-07 21:48:21

I am in America,so I don`t catch the news in UK..I didn`t know England was involved in this stupid war.I wouldn`t say that to a soldier.Have you lost many men?We have lost more than I like to think about.I guess the US & UK are pretty close.Most of the old families here came from England. My ancestors did.I still have cousins in Liescastershire,
I can`t always spell it I would like the men to come/go home soon.Bye,Dottie

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