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R.A.F wife with dh away and feeling lonely

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flower1727 Thu 13-Sep-07 21:51:36

My dh is away for the 2nd time this year, i'm feeling tired and feed up with the R.A.F sending him away, I want him to leave but don't want to put pressure on him, when he is away i'm miserable inside but try to be happy on the outside, anyone else feel the same?

SpeccieSeccie Thu 13-Sep-07 22:01:18

Oh, that's miserable. sad My DH isn't in the forces but I just hate it when he's away so wanted to answer this. Hopefully another services wife will be along soon but meantime I'm sending sympathy.

flower1727 Thu 13-Sep-07 22:07:44

Thanks, my children are really feeling it this time round, tears at bedtime etc. Its just nice to have an adult conversation.

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 13-Sep-07 22:10:46

flower - My DH is RAF. He has never been sent away for more than 4 months (falklands), but has lived away during the week (and that has just started again)

I feel for you

Do you live on base?

flower1727 Thu 13-Sep-07 22:15:04

Yeah right outside the camp! my dh detactments are usually no longer than 9 weeks at a time, he's done 4 weeks already but it really is dragging. I could cope with once a year but twice is taking the p*. I'm dreading next year. And its not that he gets paid much extra, and the bonus that you get for going away you have to fight to get.

HomeintheSun Fri 14-Sep-07 08:59:28

Hi Flower my DH is away at the moment so I know how you feel, we had our DS in December 06, we got posted over seas in February so I'm away from friends and family and feel just like you. It is hard being left feeling like a single parent, I feel mierable and I know most the time it's only the cheeky grin from DS and the odd e-mail from DH that keeps me going. My DS is only 9 months and I know that he misses his Dad, he looks confused when it comes to bath time and his Daddy isn't there to do it.
Do you have any support from others around you in the same situation, or would the Hive be able to put you in contact with others in the same boat? You know where to find us, I'll be here a lot over the next four months if you need to chat. Stay strong and just focus on the date your DH will be home, that's what I'm doing.

littlelapin Fri 14-Sep-07 09:06:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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