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so proud!!! me and dh have taken on the de and won!!!!!!

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lovemybed Wed 15-Aug-07 19:11:20

dh was posted 3 hours away but i was told me and dc could stay in our quarter and he would commute, 2 days before posting started they told us we had to move out.

i would of happily given up my work and studies to move if i thought it was for the good of the kids but dd1 has some problems which meant it was better for us to stay, it has taken 10 weeks of blood sweat and tears and many sleepless nights but we have finally been told we can stay

Loopymumsy Wed 15-Aug-07 19:41:45

Message withdrawn

samandtomsmum Thu 16-Aug-07 09:29:05

well done bet u are really[happy]

saltire Thu 16-Aug-07 09:30:28

Well done, can I have some of your "luck" as I need to contest a barrack stores bill. I'm not paying for a table I didn't ruin - end of story. They say we did and want us to pay for it

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