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can someone please help me understand my husbands promotion wage

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edinburghmum Wed 25-Jul-07 18:03:08

this might be very confusing but i will try my best to keep it simple, will post more information if its needed.

my dh has just been promoted from lcpl to cpl, we were over the moon about this but it looks like we wont be any better of. he was a level 7 lcpl but has gone down to a level 1 cpl. he would have gone up to level 8 lcpl in 2 weeks and that it the exact samewage as a level 1 cpl.

i have looked at the wage table on armynet and according to that army cpls start at a level 3. NO-ONE is able to give me any answers about this and i am really starting to stress as i was made to think there would be a big increase in his wage and it looks like we are getting bugger all.

Malfoynomore Wed 25-Jul-07 18:11:01

I don't really understand the waging that well, lol.....and I understand that they are in teh process of changing the system a bit, or have indeed changed it, to give equal wages every month of the year....
anyway, I remember when dh was promoted from CPL to Sgt at first we did not notice it at all, as he had been many years a Cpl....but it obvioulsy then goes up like twice a year or something like that....
anyway, probably confused you more then anything, lol.....

Sobernow Wed 25-Jul-07 18:15:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

edinburghmum Wed 25-Jul-07 18:15:23

no i know what you mean, i should of added that he took a posting away from home to get the promotion as we were led to believe we would get a lot more money which would cover the expense of living apart, now it looks like once his room is paid we wont have a penny extra and i know that we wont be able to survive on his wage.

edinburghmum Wed 25-Jul-07 18:16:31

whats really confusing me is we were told a cpl STARTS on level 3 then works up had we known that he would start on level 1 there is no way we would have taken the posting

Malfoynomore Wed 25-Jul-07 18:17:13

but he will get extra money for that, won't he....alhtough not sure if that just stands if you don't usually live in married quarters....but I thought that you get somehting like seperation allowance, or somehting like that....will ask dh tomorrow when he comes back from work.

jcscot Wed 25-Jul-07 19:12:16

Under the new JPA, if you choose to live apart for a posting (ie: if you stay put, either in your own home or in a retained quarter) then you are counted as being voluntarily separated and, therefore, don't get extra allowances.

If you're staying behind while he moves for a special reason, then you need to apply to be counted as Involuntarily Separated (your husbands RAO should be able to help with this). If InvolSep status is granted, then you get allowances etc for travel between his work and your place of residence.

I can't help with the pay issue, as I don't know anything about the differences between L/Cpl and Cpl pay rates.

Malfoynomore Wed 25-Jul-07 19:18:35 is a question then.
Well, my dh is working a regular sgt with the Ta, his 22 years are over next april. After we got posted here and considering the previous fact we bought a house 2 years ago.
He does want to extend, but due to a misunderstanding might not be able to extend in his current Job, but possibly would have to go back to Battalion...which isn't really such a major issue, however, they are due to go out to Germany now, which would mean he would go there, too.
Because of es now starting Secondary school and obviously us having our own house, that we really don't want to rent out, I suppose it possibly would be counted as voluntary seperation, or do you think they would see reason?

edinburghmum Wed 25-Jul-07 19:23:07

jcscot is right about the living apart and not getting any allowences but we have been told that we will still get get you home pay but we wont get married seperated allowence.

we are waiting to see if we can get the will qualify for the extra allowences as there are reasons we are living apart but no-ome seems sure if they are good enough reasons to qualify for the money.

jcscot Thu 26-Jul-07 10:04:49

Malfoynomore, I only know a little about this because my husband just applied for InvolSep status due to an unscheduled move.

We'd been granted a posting on compassionate grounds for two years (and we'd decided to buy a house here because of the state of the quarters locally) and they're moving him after ten months. Your husband's RAO can help with the application and it's worth applying for several reasons. Firstly, it means that - as far as I know - your husband won't have to pay for his accomodation at his job and will only have to make a small contribution towards food. Secondly there is a daily separation allowance rate added to his pay. If you don't apply, he will pay for his messing and you won't get separation allowance, only GYH pay.

Now, as far as I know and as far as we've been told, there are no hard and fast guidelines - cases are decided on an individual basis. So, get your husband to sit down with his RAO and discuss things and then you can take it from there. As Edinburghmum says, you then have to wait for whatever decision they make.

3andnomore Thu 26-Jul-07 12:49:18

Thank you (btw, just changed my id back to my usual one form the harry potter themed one)....well, first we will have to wait and see what will actually happen...god knows when that will be

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