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my hubby has been promoted and i'm pissed as he is away

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mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:10:06

so pleasled for him it is a bit surreal!! wihs he was here to celebrate too

calordan Thu 05-Jul-07 22:11:08

raising a glass for you

mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:12:50

thnak you i think it is on ly proper that i should drink on his behalf !!!!! does this mean a move will know next week

saltire Thu 05-Jul-07 22:14:12

Message withdrawn

mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:15:22

raf police i know this is wehre everyone stops speaking ot me

saltire Thu 05-Jul-07 22:18:49

So is DH!

mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:19:40

now this is a bit spooky dare i ask where are you?

mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:20:22

wtf i am at halton!?!

saltire Thu 05-Jul-07 22:24:17

Message withdrawn

mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:26:51

oh dear sobbering up now don't know anyone at hampshire perhaps hubby does!!! I an nought to do with military infact i am really rubbish at anything to do with raf. sort of like it that way iykwim

saltire Thu 05-Jul-07 22:28:42

Don't worry about it, you haven't said anything you shouldn't have. I only know onw RAFP at Halton at the mnute, and I don't think you're his wife.
What's your DH promoted to, is he CI, SI, CSY?

mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:31:55


mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:32:25

what is csy?

saltire Thu 05-Jul-07 22:33:35

Message withdrawn

saltire Thu 05-Jul-07 22:33:56

csy is computer security

mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 23:18:49

sorry on phone everyone phoning to congratulate hubby. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the plot thickens. right off to bed ok saltire dare i ask who you know here? oh my av to get up for school run tomorrow and head is hurting already pint of water before bed. ok sign off for now what a wierd day a bit strange good but strange.

twoplusone Fri 06-Jul-07 09:45:40

congrats to your hubby on his promotion. mylastrolo.

mylastrolo Fri 06-Jul-07 13:02:27

thanks twoplusone. just wish he was here to celebrate too ah well double celebration when he returns

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