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DHE are selling our house

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samandtomsmum Thu 05-Jul-07 19:49:26

just found out that they are selling our quarter of we dont know how long its going to be or when it could be 6months or 18months or next month very helpful and cant find anything out and dont know if we can stay in driffield or move somewhere like scarbourough but what tops it of my boy starts school sept dont want to start him then move him again did that 6months ago for this move sry to moan on im getting stressed!

mylastrolo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:16:56

can you not have first chance of buying quater?

samandtomsmum Fri 06-Jul-07 07:26:15

no because the quarter we are in needs alot doing and its an ex officers quarter and wecant afford how much the asking price is

jcscot Fri 06-Jul-07 08:25:59

I'd contact your HIVE rep if I were you - I don't think the DHE (or Annington Homes, to be absolutely correct) can sell the house if there's someone actually occupying it. It may simply be that they'll be selling the quarter once your husband is posted.

Under Annington's contract with the MOD they're not allowed to sell quarters that are in use.

We had the same news when we were living in London - they were closing the small barracks we were living in and we got a letter saying that the quarters were to be sold and we continued to live in them for eighteen months.

Contact your Welfare/Families Officer and you'll likely find out that it won't affect you as it won't be happening for some time.

samandtomsmum Fri 06-Jul-07 09:31:49

hi jcscot
thanx for that info i will try anything to see if i can find out anything thanx s@tmum

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