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Military move to vegas

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Saymynamesaymyname Mon 04-Dec-17 09:55:09


Has anyone done this? It’s looking like it’ll be happening for us - we will have a 5,3 and 2 month old - what is it like out there for schooling and nurseries?

I’ll be able to get a working visa but won’t work straight away due to 2 month old

Worrying about banking stuff eg need to leave some “trace” in this country for paying debts etc.

Any advice welcomed thank you x

scaryteacher Thu 07-Dec-17 08:21:32

Keep your UK account and open a U.S. one as well. We had the bulk of the salary paid to the UK account, and an allotment to the Euro account. We lived on the LOA plus a bit extra for quite a while. I assume it won't be a permanent move, so keep all your current UK banking arrangements for when you are back.

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