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where to live between Faslane and Edinburgh/Glasgow

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olekat Fri 24-Nov-17 21:20:14

Hi All,

My partner is joining the Navy and looking to be based in Faslane.
We are currently in Manchester and I may add that I am a foreigner, so it is important to me where to I have flights that suits me from when choosing a place to live.

From what I can see there are two major cities closest to Faslane - Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Because of the airways, I much prefer Edinburgh, as I can get direct flights home from there. Also from what I've heard it is quite vibrant, artistic city, I actually got excited about the prospect to move around there.

However Edinburgh is over 2 hours drive to Faslane, I'd much rather be somewhere in between. Falkirk seems like a good choice when looking at the map and commute to both, however I've read that it isn't a nice place to live and start a family at.

I would like to hear suggestions.

I am considering Glasgow as well, and it would me a much better commute for both of us if I worked there, however, from what I've heard they have much thicker Scottish accent in there than in Edinburgh (did I mention I'm foreign and not living in Scotland right now? I am worried that I wouldn't even be able to get a job in Glasgow as I would find it too difficult to understand people. Do you think this would be the case? I am currently dealing pretty well with Mancunians and Scousers on a daily basis).

I would love to hear some advise

GruffaloPants Fri 24-Nov-17 21:45:13

Edinburgh too far from Faslane imo.

Glasgow is the most obvious choice. You will get used to the accent of wherever you live, just like you have done in England. It's easy enough to get flights from Edinburgh if you live in Glasgow. Glasgow is a varied and interesting city, more multicultural than Edinburgh in my unresearched view.

Post a budget and people can suggest areas to live in. Ideally you should visit first, of course.

Falkirk is fine. It doesn't have a city feel and is a bit bland. Shopping and nightlife are pretty limited.

scaryteacher Thu 07-Dec-17 08:32:58

I would stay where you are for the moment, as initially, if he is just joining, he will be in Cornwall for basic training, and depending upon it he is going to he an Officer, there will be time at BRNC in Dartmouth, fleet time at sea, and only then would he start submarine training. The submarine school is in Cornwall as well. Then there will be SMQs which could be Devonport.

After that, if he is going to be an engineer, there will be specialist training in Hampshire. Until he is fully qualified and has been appointed/drafted, I would stay put. Depending on the type of boat, I would think long and hard about moving anyway. You need your own support system, life and career, as they are away a lot. If he then gets posted elsewhere, you will be apart, unless you are proposing to move every couple of years.

Been there and done it from birth (RN family) through to 2014 when dh retired. Db still serving, and DNephew has just joined and qualified on submarines.

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