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Posting to Aldershot/Farnborough

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NotJustAWife Tue 11-Apr-17 17:33:45

Hi all, I'm new here. Was hoping that some of you might be able to help...

Hubby is posted in August so we'll be moving out of our lovely home I've spent two years renovating, and into an Army-issue beige box. Can you sense my excitement?!

The options we've been given are St Michaels Road, Farnborough or Blenheim Park, North Camp or Caterham Close, Pirbright.

I work in London, so distance to a station is a key factor for me - I think Farnborough is winning therefore (and I really don't want to be in Aldershot).

Has anyone had experience of St Michaels Road? Are the houses really as bad as they look in the photos?! confusedgrin

NaiceBiscuits Tue 11-Apr-17 18:08:32

That's a good street in Farnborough (Napolean & Empress both have lovely housing, and there's a nice park nearby) and it's walking distance to Farnborough Main (in to London, Basingstoke etc) and Farnborough North (to Reading). I'd choose that one over the other two.

NotJustAWife Tue 11-Apr-17 18:39:38

Thanks NaiceBiscuits. We've done the google maps comparison of distance etc and thought that was probably the best. Good to know about the park too, as we have a dog. I think we're going to visit the area tomorrow to scope it out.

NaiceBiscuits Tue 11-Apr-17 22:49:20

To give you an idea, see this diagram:

NaiceBiscuits Tue 11-Apr-17 22:55:40

Oops, I accidentally included the Abbey grounds in one of those parks, here's the right version! blush

ImLadybird Tue 11-Apr-17 22:59:36

I don't know the houses but I used to know the area very well and it's lovely.

NotJustAWife Tue 11-Apr-17 23:01:46

Thank you so much!

Dashie Fri 14-Apr-17 23:35:41

Hi, I know Pirbright well and like it very much.
About 15 mins walk to the station and if you get a fast train it's less than 40 mins to Waterloo. Lots of dog walking as surrounded by countryside. Relatively small patch but friendly. Houses are ugly on the outside but well laid out inside. A lot of them have new kitchens and bathrooms.
The main downside is that there's not much going on in the village apart from a good pub. Woking/Camberley/Guildford are all easy to get to though. For me it's the best posting we've had but you'd definitely want to visit and see how you feel.
Hope that's helpful! Happy to answer any questions.

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