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DH's first tour with children

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ThatsNotEvenAWord Tue 10-Jan-17 13:07:01

Just looking for some survival tips please.

DH leaves on a 6mo tour next week. He's been away before but not since we had our two sons aged 2.5 and 3mo.

It's him I feel sorry for and the children as they will miss each other so much. Luckily he's not going anywhere dangerous, we are very grateful for that.

I am on maternity leave and so have lots of free time. DS1 goes to nursery and I also take him to groups on his days off. I will try and start some baby groups with DS2.

Maybe also just need some reassurance that it'll be ok... feeling very wobbly.

WetNovemberDay Tue 10-Jan-17 13:17:19

It will be ok. Im at the other end with adult/teens.
Younger kids adspt easily although obviously you bevoming a single parent for x months can impact your free time alot when they are young.
There are some fab ideas on pintrest. To hrlp little ones understsnd.Clocks and maps on the wall. Time at home snd Daddy time. Big dots/string on map to show how far etc.
Treat jars work better than wall charts imo just incase at the end thete are delays getting home. Its easier to add a few treats to the jar without the kids realising than add another row of days to tick off.
I put small treats in a jar and used to tell them that when the jar is empty is when Daddy is coming home and thry have 1 treat a day. It helps because 6 months means nothing to a little child.
As you probably know be cheery and positive on front of the kids especially on the pre deployment build up of dread / anticipation and early days. The shower if your sfa has one is a good place to cry in private.
Being positive and non plussed and adding drama to Daddy going away for a long time is the key to promoting the same for your kids.

WetNovemberDay Tue 10-Jan-17 13:18:50

*NOT adding drama to Daddy going away

ThatsNotEvenAWord Tue 10-Jan-17 13:20:30

Love the idea of the daily treat jar wet thank you. Might do one for me as well ;)

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