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Help 1st time going to rates mess ball

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Bubbles24 Sun 06-Nov-16 09:52:58

I need help! My OH has asked me to go to his Christmas rates mess ball with him. He has never "bothered" going to a ball before so when I ask him any thing he is so vague!
Can anyone tell me what to expect?
Also thinking my dress should be a formal full length dress?
Thank you smile

scaryteacher Thu 01-Dec-16 16:24:42

I always wore full length for the boardroom, or almost an ankle length evening dress. Try Monsoon?

scaryteacher Thu 01-Dec-16 16:25:20

That should be wardroom, not boardroom!

paap1975 Thu 01-Dec-16 16:36:39

Yes to floor length. I also find Monsoon to be good

Cyclingforcake Thu 01-Dec-16 16:53:46

Some people may be in short, but you won't go wrong in floor length. And a shawl or scarf to cover your shoulders during dinner. Senior rates mess can be more of a stickler for the dress code than the wardroom in my experience. Go and have fun. They are often fabulous.

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