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RAF High Wycombe MQs

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AllisonDubois Mon 06-Jun-16 13:19:56

Has anyone got any up to date info about officers' married quarters at High Wycombe? Are they still hard to come by. What are the best patches? Also what are the primary schools like? And do children get tutored for the 11+?

OrangesAreTheOnlyFruit Fri 30-Sep-16 10:56:50

Bradenham Beeches quarters look great. Green something or other look god awful but the community atmosphere is really good and they're not too bad inside. Local primary schools are good (Walter's Ash, Naphill, Lacey Green). You can also get housed at Medmenham near Marlow which a lot of people really like. There are some quarters at White Waltham which is a bit more of a drive and I don't think the quarters are up to a nice standard. Some people get housed at Halton. Those quarters are okay but what sells it is Wendover which is lovely and Wendover woods which are gorgeous. Horses for courses really. I have no idea about 11+ I'm afraid.

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