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Cornwall Pregnant Navy WAGs?

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brandnewmummy2B Thu 19-May-16 14:01:23

Hi ladies, just recently found out I'm pregnant so early days but already not looking forward to OH being away once I'm getting bigger, not to mention the idea of him not being there every step of the way once the bambino is here!

If there's other first timers in my boat it'd be great to chat! :-)

scaryteacher Fri 20-May-16 12:33:33

Was in your boat coming up 21 years ago - he was at sea for most of the pregnancy, and somewhere under the ocean doing Perisher running when ds was born.

The best advice I can give you is don't rely on him to be there for any of it, and then you get pleasantly surprised when he is. A midwife got very cross when he couldn't guarantee he would be there for the birth and said she would write to dh's HoD. Dh pointed out that he was actually the HoD, and so he would be writing to refuse himself permission to be there if the boat was away, so could she please not waste his time!

You have to make decisions about whether you are mobile or stable. We chose to stay in our house and not move around with dh, but that meant 4 years of non stop weekending, and after another Guz job, foreign appointments, so we did six weeking instead, as mainland Europe to Cornwall was a tad difficult for a weekend! Ds and I moved abroad in the end, and stayed there for 7 years.

Chin up, you're a Navy WAG, and you can do this! Many congratulations on being pregnant.

brandnewmummy2B Fri 20-May-16 13:19:45

Thank you! It looks like we should be quite lucky with the timings - he'll be away in the summer for a little while and then deploy for 3ish months in Sept, so all being well he will be back in good time for the birth. I'm just going to stay positive for now, and I know he will move heaven and earth to be there when it's time to push!

Thanks for your advice!

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