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Best Dining In night ideas needed!

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Me55ymummy Tue 26-Apr-16 16:51:20


I'm trying to organise a guest dining in night and wondered if anyone had any 'best bits' of previous dining in nights they could share?

Thanks xx

Iseesheep Tue 26-Apr-16 17:31:40

My 'wish list' for a dinner night is lengthy!

A 7.30 start at the earliest so everyone can get home from work and get changed/feed kids etc

On a Friday night for a change so we can actually have a drink without being hanging all the next day at work.

No themes!

Relax the dress code a little so we can wear what we want (within reason, I'm not suggesting jeans and t-shirts but the choice of a knee length cocktail-ish dress and not having to find something creative to cover the shoulders would be nice!)

Cold G&T and white wine rather than the traditional luke warm offerings.

Seat me in the same continent as my husband. I don't see him that often!

Mix up the subbies with the old and bold.

Leave the wine on the table. Please!! Or make sure you've plenty of staff to keep topping up.

Place cards with 'guest of Maj X' are just rude. If you've got the name of the guest, use it!

Make the starter more interesting than the standard goats cheese tart with 3 bits of limp rocket. Leave the gravy/sauce on the table too.

Have the speeches last no more than 15 minutes. Not each, all together! And do it during the cheese.

Let me keep my glass of wine during the toasts so I don't have to drink the port. Bad things happen when I'm left alone with port.

Keep the bar open past midnight and have a decent Bluetooth speaker in the bar so when all the formal bits are done with you can have some real fun. Nothing like seeing what music's on someone's iPhone to find out who they are!

Does that help?!

MyBreadIsEggy Tue 26-Apr-16 17:34:39

I agree with relaxing the dress code a bit - not casual obviously....but there's nothing worse than everyone flapping over what they can and can't wear, and then being uncomfortable all night in an outfit that's in keeping with an uptight dress code.

scaryteacher Fri 29-Apr-16 16:57:18

Don't let the staff take away the water glasses from those of us who are duty driver for the toast. Some interesting soft drinks as well, as opposed to oj and lemonade.

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