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Should I report this to the welfare/ RMPS? Germany.

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Lizyk Mon 29-Feb-16 16:19:51

Hi this is my first post, I'm living in BFG at the moment, on Saturday I went out with my husband and a few of our friends. My friend B asked if she and her husband could bring a guy H with them, my husband and H don't get on too well, H has a reputation on camp, but I said it would be no problem as long as he bahaved himself.
We all went out and H was being fine, he started getting surly after a while and was very grabby on me when we were all dancing together. Later on I went outside and H was there with my friend B, I was looking for someone else so I just walked past them when H lunged at me, grabbing me by the throat. B pulled him off, he was trying to get at me again and I went inside to try and find someone to help her with him. After a while I decided to go back outside to see if he had been taken home and if not to ask him why he attacked me, he was still outside slightly down the street, when he saw me he shouted that he "will kill that b** tonight"

B took him home, closely followed by one of my male friends making sure she was ok. She then came back to the bar where my husband was going mad about the incident and I was trying to calm him down. She told him he should stop being so angry and comfort me so they both fell out hugely. She hasn't spoken to me since the night, she was trying to tell everyone in the bar that he was just too drunk and that he had pushed me in the chest not grabbed me around the throat. I know she and her husband are very good friends with the man and if I had called the RMPs that night they would have been angry, I feel like if I report the incident now they'll hear about it and it'll cause dramas and I live very close to them. But I'm uncomfortable keeping it to myself. What should I do?

OzzieFem Mon 29-Feb-16 17:44:21

You should report him. If this is what he is like when he is drunk then he could try this on another female who might not have a friend to intervene.

Why did your friend want to invite this guy anyway? Yes, they are friends with him, but it sounds like they are the type who feel sorry for a single gut and refuse to see what he is really like. OP sorry for you, that sounds really scary and the fact that he made threats is worrying. flowers

OzzieFem Mon 29-Feb-16 17:46:03

*guy not gut [embarrassed] although you could call him a gutless wonder for assaulting a female. Hate to think what he is like on active duty.

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