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royal navy girlfriend with young baby needing friends!

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awallace123 Wed 06-May-15 23:32:03

Hey guys,

I have a 5 week old and a boyfriend in the navy, he is in portsmouth 5 days a week and home on weekends and Im finding it hard, which I hate admitting!

My parents don't live close enough to visit often and as much as his parents try to help i just want my own here.

My lovely daughter has been a dream up until the sunday when he went back to work this week and she has been crying constantly since and Im exhausted, my other mum friends try to talk to me about it but I can't help resenting them slightly because from 5 they have help and Im struggling to eat my dinner without breaking down in tears because of her screaming. Im dreading when he goes on tour again and I can't help but get mad at him, he told me today he's going away for 3 weeks after this weekend and I flipped my lid! Im absolutely dreading it and i feel like I'm under so much pressure with her.

I know he can't help it and his job gives us a lovely life but the stress is getting to me I'm just so tired all the time and Im breastfeeding and apparently a human dummy which is not easy!!

thanks for reading my rant (if anyone does!)

any conversation from anyone is appreciated itl be nice to talk to someone thats been there!

Radiatorvalves Wed 06-May-15 23:45:37


It is really tough. I remember when DH went to sea when DS was 20 days old. I was alone in Pompey and he was basically away for the next year. You have to concentrate on the positives...make friends and have support in the day.

However I still remember, 10 years on, that the most important thing for me was to get DS into a routine so I could have evenings to myself. Just to sit, eat, watch TV. Phone friends. Actually, once that was sorted, life was ok. I visited friends and went to stay with relations. I also flew out to see DH in several places. Is that something you could consider?

Good luck!

awallace123 Fri 08-May-15 06:03:48

Yeah I try to get my me time in when I can in the evening but she's still a little young for a routine, she's cluster feeding from 5-10/11 so depending on my tiredness il go to bed with her or stay up for a bit.

I'm also going home for a while in a week or so!


Radiatorvalves Fri 08-May-15 18:50:47

My routine was all over the place in the day...basically fed as much as poss. Then fed at 5, bath at 6 and bed in bedroom at 7. That was at 20 days.... It took 3 days to establish, and that was tough. Since then....10 years...he's been wonderful.

Good luck!

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