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DH wants to leave military and join Close Protection.

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FruitCakey Thu 27-Nov-14 16:06:24

DH has been serving for almost 6 years. By the time he signs off, he will have been serving 6 years so will be entitled to his full resettlement.

He has done 2x tours of Afghanistan. He is still only a private. He is in the infantry. He is only 26. Any advice? Will he be entitled to any grants to help him pay for a close protection course? Any advice/info will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Quitelikely Thu 27-Nov-14 16:09:27

Can't he ask his resettlement officer? They will know everything.

FruitCakey Thu 27-Nov-14 16:15:17

He still isn't sure whether this is something he would like to do now or in 5-10 years time. I don't think he likes to ask for that reason. Realistically, I would, but he just thinks its unnecessary yet.

I am asking more for my own benefit than for his. I need reassurance that things will be ok if he was to persue this. Thank you.

jcscot Sat 29-Nov-14 00:03:51

IIRC, there are relevant courses he could while serving that would stand him in good stead (there's one for advanced protective driving for example) - he could investigate those and get some experience under his belt before leaving.

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