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Newbie in need of some wisdom please :)

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outnumberedbyboyz Fri 06-Dec-13 19:45:46

Hi. I'm in a 'new' relationship with a guy who's going to Kandahar after Christmas.

I know he can get everything he 'needs' out there but what sort of things can I send him please?

I've thought of an Amazon gift card, toiletries, photos, food stuffs. Is there anything that you're guys have appreciated whilst being out there please?

I did think of sending tea, coffee, sugar etc but he said he can get all that free so there's no point.

SL92 Sat 07-Dec-13 00:36:28

You have my sympathies - Dreading mine going if he does - they keep changing their mind as to whether it's happening, which makes making plans hard!

If you're sending food, don't send perishables or things that can melt (so no chocolate!). The things he'll appreciate most are the things he won't be able to get (particular brands), and the things which remind him of home and of you. So his favourite shower gels etc are good, but I know you thought of that. Have you thought of making him something? Like a scrap book full of things to make him smile? And if this relationship is very new you might not want to do this, but perhaps look into doing a tasteful boudoir photo-shoot if you have the cash... Remind him of what he'll come back to!

outnumberedbyboyz Mon 09-Dec-13 14:54:45

I'd not thought of a scrap book type thing I could start that now and send it out half way through maybe. Thank you for that idea SL92. Don't the military like to keep you hanging?!
I'm starting to dread it now as I know he's going the first week of January at some point so it's really not far away now. He's on leave soon so I have that to look forward to but I know it's going to be short lived as immediately after Christmas he has to go back to barracks ready for deployment.
I don't want to tell bf how i'm feeling as he doesn't need that on top of what he's faced with. In some ways I wish it would hurry up so he's home safe again sad

financialwizard Fri 20-Dec-13 08:11:22

You will feel like that out we all do to a varying degree prior to deployment. Mine has been gone over 2 months now, and it took me a month to get over myself that he had gone and now he is back for RnR in less than a month. If I am honest I am dreading it but am also really looking forward to it all in one. My stomach is already in a ball of knots and I just want to se him. Never mind my three year old who is desperate to see her Daddy.

With regard to the military, my husband has got less than 3 years to roll now and in my experience they definitely like to keep you on your toes. Just glad I live out now!

outnumberedbyboyz Thu 30-Jan-14 14:53:41

Well it's been just over 4 weeks now since he was deployed and it's only been this week that I seem to have settled a bit. I'm definitely finding it easier. I think just getting into a outline with emails, whatsapp and Skype helps. I don't get too many of anything but I hear from him daily so I know he's ok. Just wanted to update so people do know there's light at the end of the tunnel, even though it does look gloomy smile

JRsandCoffee Sat 15-Feb-14 19:10:06

Home baking, home baking and more home baking....... Stuff that posts well includes.....
Anzac biscuits
Tablet/ fudge
Other biscuits that aren't too soft/ eggy
Ginger loaf and carrot cake also work if the post is going reasonably quickly
Wrap stuff in greaseproof paper

Also write blueys if you can, somehow the stuff that goes down in pen and ink is subtly different to the online stuff.

Hope it's not dragging too much for you!

Lucy955 Sun 15-Jun-14 15:24:15

My husband really got a kick out if the very random, useless things which made him laugh. Feather duster, loo paper with jokes on, tiddlywinks, artificial snow etc.. I tried to make it so he got something silly at least twice a week. I also set crackers and christmas hats, a choclate cake for his birthday (yes there are special companies which do that) and lots of sweets (yes most melted but he didn't care one bit). It got so that his mates would gather round to guest what on earth I had sent next. The best thing was a key ring with digital images of home. It had a memory stick so I sent updates as his tour went on. You know your man. What tut would make him smile. They don't all need to be deep and meaningful and expensive. There are loads of gifts for men websites which can be helpful.

canyou Mon 16-Jun-14 17:39:29

Like Lucy I sent silly stuff, board games, a mini laptop hoover, pocket hit water bottles, jelly sweet boobs, an inflatable giant ball got a great reception, memory cards with loads of downloaded films hair chalk was a good one as well, decorations for any and evey festive season At christmas I sent a desk top tree, and window hangings, the same for easter, birthdays, The pound shop is great for crap ideas
Def fruit cake, biscuits, a brand of tea if they are fussy is nice, pot noodles and birds trifle mix

canyou Mon 16-Jun-14 17:40:03

Hot not hit water bottles (confused)

Needaglassofwinedotcom Sat 11-Jul-15 19:48:56

Marking place for ideas!

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