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Bringing DH home from tour?

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firstpost Sun 16-Jun-13 21:25:44


We have had some really sad news about DH's Dad. He has cancer and the prognosis is bad, around six months. sad sad sad

DH is not yet halfway through a 6 month deployment.

Does anyone know what the army would expect him to do? To carry on, or to return from tour? He is currently on a 7 day compassionate trip to see him and then intends to return, but that was before we know the prognosis.

DH's Dad lives abroad could DH get temporarily posted there? It is a country where this is possible.

To complicate matters further I am due to give birth in a few weeks. TBH I was expecting him to be away until November so if we had to do this apart thats fine.

I know its really unlikely anyone will know the answer but I thought I would throw this out to Mumsnet wisdom just in case.


AuntieStella Sun 16-Jun-13 21:43:34

What does DH want to do? You need to be led by that.

They will fly him back from wherever he is for final days, but a whole indeterminate period before that would be unusual. Whether he could be posted to his DF's location after this tour is moot - it would depend on his trade and whether the postings plot has a suitable role to which he could be individually sent. The Army is too stretched these days to create one if none exists. But if it's a major base location, he might be able to wangle a cheap seat on trooping flights and visit frequently. Most of this would require a fairly broad interpretation of the rules, but if you DH is considered a good bloke, then quite a lot can be achieved for him. But it's essentially up to DH to know and work the system.

What sort of support do you have? SSAFA? The Padre?

firstpost Sun 16-Jun-13 22:09:30

Thanks so much for such a comprehensive reply. Not sure what dh wants to do his instinct will be to return to tour I think. The posting after the tour would be moot as his dad wouldn't have long by then. sad

I will try to make sure he has support out there, but he is not someone who talks easily about his feelings.

He is due back with me early next month for rnr coinciding with birth of new baby. So much on his plate.

Thanks again

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