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Northwood Married Quarters

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Scrabbleyurt Sun 17-Mar-13 15:04:56


I've just found out we're going to be posted to Northwood. Has anyone lived in quarters round there?

I'm hoping to get any info on patches to go to or avoid. It's always so hard when you don't know an area at all. We're entitled to an officers house, with four bedrooms I think.

Any tips would be really appreciated.
Thank you!

tismetisme Mon 25-Mar-13 21:40:44

There are quarters for Officers at Northwood, Bushey Heath, Ruislip, Stanmore, Ickenham & Uxbridge. I'm on Bushey Heath in a 4-bed. House is old & tatty but the area is good with great transport links.

BlissfullyIgnorant Mon 25-Mar-13 21:41:59

North wood is nice. You lucky people!
Don't neglect London on days off - enjoy the location and make the most of your time there.

Scrabbleyurt Tue 26-Mar-13 11:49:03

Thanks tisme. Do you know anything about the other patches you've mentioned?

I will definitely enjoy being in London!

tismetisme Tue 26-Mar-13 14:30:13

I had a look around them all in June before we settled on Bushey Heath as our first choice. I work in London so good transport links in was the deciding factor.

Stanmore - nice houses but appeared to be on a busy 'cut-through' between 2 major roads so not good for our pets.

Ickenham - similar style houses to here, some were empty & boarded up, some were being done up I think for selling off.

Northwood - bigger houses are being done up & sold off. Type IV's the same style as here.

Uxbridge - Looked a nice patch detached houses that were probably once behind the wire. All in little closes, probably mid 80's builds...somebody may know better.

Ruslip - I have heard that they try & keep these houses for Northolt people, but a small patch again similar style house to here.

tismetisme Tue 26-Mar-13 14:35:31

Try the Married-Quarters-r-us Facebook page aswell. They may have more info about the houses, schools etc.

Scrabbleyurt Tue 26-Mar-13 18:31:11

That's brilliant tisme. Thanks for taking the time to write. It's always a bit tricky knowing where to go without inside info! I'll check the Facebook group too.

MummyIvy Tue 16-Apr-13 18:58:14

Hello ladies we are looking to be posted to Northwood in probably August and just wondered if there are local FB groups for the area please?
Thanks for all the info you wrote above as that has answered lots of questions that are going on in my head.
What is the patch life like please? Is it social?
Is there are lot for the dependants within the mess life?

fedupwithdeployment Tue 25-Jun-13 15:33:27

We were in Stanmore (on the cut through road mentioned above) Old Church Lane from 2008 - 2011. Stanmore is dull (imho - but lots of people like it), but the location was great for getting into London. The Northwood patch is a good 25 minute walk to tube, and Bushey involves a bus. We just walked to Canon's Park.

We didn't find the patch social, but with DH busy / away a lot, and me working full time, perhaps we weren't typical. The Northwood nursery was fab but we didn't do much in the Mess.

JR885 Wed 09-Sep-15 11:24:47

I know this was a couple of years ago but I'm due to move to RAF Northolt in Feb 2016 and was looking for some advice? We don't know which married patch to apply for so could anyone please give me a run down on what the different patches are like and which would be best to apply for? I'm looking for good links to the tube and somewhere possibly near a park for dog walking!! It would just be junior rank married quarters.
It's only my second move and we would really appreciate some help with this!
Thanks so much.

JR885 Wed 09-Sep-15 13:48:21

I meant NorthWOOD sorry

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