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Leaving as a deck officer to what?

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sailorsgal Thu 31-Jan-13 17:12:03

No he doesn't get help with resettlement, that I know of. Quite a few of his colleagues took the early retirement package aswell that has been offered. I think it will be just a case of putting his CV out there and seeing what comes of it. He is very apprehensive as the RFA has been a big part of his life and he loves his job, and he needs a kick up the arse


fedupwithdeployment Wed 30-Jan-13 12:18:54

My DH was in the RN for about 25 years and took vol redundancy last year. He is currently job hunting and is looking for management / leadership roles in the energy sector. A bit different from being the boss of a submarine! What about an ops role in a civvy company?

Does he get the same resettlement help that those in the RN do? DH found it useful, but at the end of trhe day, they don't tell you what to do.

sailorsgal Tue 29-Jan-13 14:12:32

DH has been in the RFA 23 years and may look for something else this year? His main experience is navigation but has been in charge of all the ship's operations for the last 4/5 trips. I think he needs to explore all options before leaving but I have no idea what those might be. Any ideas? smile

He has had friends go onto super yachts but most of them don't have kids.

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