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Does anyone know what an RAF engineering officer does?

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Chulita Fri 25-Jan-13 16:56:03

DH is thinking of transferring and going engineering officer, only just thought about doing it so still in the finding stuff out stage. He was wondering whether officers in the RAF get to do hands-on stuff or whether it's solely man-management/paper shuffling. He's reached the point in his career now where if he gets promoted he won't be able to do the job he likes but will be moving more into CR writing etc.
I don't really know what questions to ask really, I just wondered if there were any of you out there that know about it.
(sorry it's random and badly worded, sleep deprived as usual)

bubblepops Sat 09-Feb-13 15:40:31

My hubby made the jump and became a engineering officer, it really depends where he works, what branch of engineering he goes into. This is hubbys 3rd post now commissioned and has had 1 sit down desk job, the rest have been very busy hands on stuff up and down the country. although the days he is in the office he claims not to stop!

does that help? If your hubby can get to the becoming an officer type meetings (cant remember the right name now) he will get a better picture overall. AND he may not get in as an engineer, I know many who have jumped over to the dark side and had a change of direction, i.e.: Medic now a supply officer ext. Does you hubby have his qualifications ect as at Cosford they run a degree course known as the Fengo Scheme ext xx

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