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Oh being posted to Kenya for 6 months

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madwomanintheattic Sun 23-Dec-12 16:42:10

Why does he have to stay in Kenya for his R&R? I'm sure that given the circs he will be allowed to return to the UK - mostly for expectant fathers they offer to try and time the R&R for you - but of course it's all guess work, and babies have their own timetable. Some places they don't usually return to the UK, but stay in country or go somewhere closer (am thinking FI mainly) but it's usually theoretically possible for such things.

We managed to time dh's for when dc1 was due from the op tour he was on, but tbh it's usually best to have some sort of a back- up plan in place in terms of birth partner, sibling care, and someone to stay for a week or so after the birth in case of CS etc.

Sometimes it's better to request a switch of tour, and the desk might accommodate (ie he would change for the next guy due to replace him, so would go out 6 mos later) but tbh it's way too late to ask now - it isn't a surprise that his wife is due in march! He's known for some time, lol. And it depends on his trade, and how harmony looks, how hard it is to fill posts for his specialty etc.

She will be better off making her own plans that don't include him, and keeping her fingers crossed. Tbh I'm surprised she's just asking now. This should have been discussed yonks ago when he received his detachment details.

She can rest assured that if anything untoward happens, they will get him back as fast as poss though - she needs to make sure the contact details are in a prominent place in the house so that she or someone else can notify the mod if necessary. Not to wish doom and gloom, but important for her and her nok in country to be prepared, particularly if she is not on a patch etc.

SoggySummer Sun 23-Dec-12 14:30:28

Awww thats a real shame he wont be here for the birth. and in the early days. I dont know anymore what happens when a baby born when they are deployed as back when I had mine they just never came home end of. That said - i was lucky both times and DH was between deployments and at home anyway.

The laws have changed now and I dont know how it affected Forces personnel but he may be entitled to parental leave - but I dont get why he would stay in Kenya for that - that is pointless. I would rather the 2 weeks were knocked off the end of the tour and he got home 2 weeks earlier.

Hope someone more useful than me with more upto date info will be on here soon to advise.

I would suggest that assuming he wont be here nor get back may be the best thing to prepare yourself mentally for that - if anything changes and he gets back then thats a wonderful bonus but you wont be any more dissapointed if he does not got back.

DillyDallyDayDream Sun 23-Dec-12 14:27:41

Have posted for a friend not me!

DillyDallyDayDream Sun 23-Dec-12 14:24:08

Only just found this section -

On the 5th Jan my oh is being posted to Kenya with the Army for 6months. Am pregnant with our first and due in March. Has any had a baby whilst oh was Away? Will he be entitled to any leave? - so far he's been told he will get 2 weeks leave but had to stay in Kenya

Amy advice would be great x

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