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Off to Ganners

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financialwizard Fri 10-May-13 15:36:13

Santa I am green with envy. My old man has a deployment and 3 more years to get through before he finishes.

SantasLittleElfycat Thu 13-Dec-12 00:39:39


My best day of this decade was when DH's 22 years were up.

Before he went to sea - who goes to sea after 22 in the army?

Chinateacup Thu 13-Dec-12 00:17:13

So, he's just gone and left us for 4 months. Please could you indulge me in some sympathy for one night only? Promise to zip up the suit tomorrow. If I can see to get dressed through the blur of smudged mascara <sob, sob, sniff>

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