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CEA - Are we trapped?

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whatthebloodyhelldoidonow Fri 09-Nov-12 23:19:29

We have been claiming CEA for a number of years whilst DC at prep school.

Eldest DC moved to Senior school this September into year 9 after completing prep school and common entrance.

I am not impressed. We have had lots of issues on the boarding side. I dont want to go into great detail but DC has been distraught at times (biggest advocate for boarding from the start at old school). Started well but issues have arisen through no fault of their own. Worryingly though there has been some really big errors when it comes to medical care. Despite my regular communication with the school and efforts to resolve the issues - we just seem to swing from one problem to another. Things that should be done are not or only done when I have chased and chased.

I have very serious doubts in the school (boarding aspect). I am constantly worrying as so much seems rather slack. I have to chase pretty much eveything. I accept this is a different school and a senior school so I did expect a lot of things to be very different but it just is not working - DC just seems to slip through the net repeatedly on certain things and no one seems to notice or care until I raise or question it. I am ill with the constant worry and have taken to driving long distances every weekend to bring DC home as its the favourable option to staying in.

So my main question is - are we stuck? I know the rules are once you claim CEA you are to remain there to end of that stage of education or lose the ability to claim. But what do you do if a school is not suited to your child or vice versa? Or if there are problems?

I am guessing along with the recent increase in all the red tape associated with CEA (which I agree is a good thing to stop people taking the pee out of the system) that this is going to be a nightmare longwinded affair, which with DC being in year 9 and about to do GCSE choices is not good. In an ideal work DC wants to continue to board and it would be favourable because we are posted when DH gets back and thats likely to be a short posting of about 12 to 18 months. We have to move from here, I have already looked into retaining MQ and its a no go.

I think the school staff must hate me as I seem to "pick up" on the shortfalls. I am about to make written formal complaint to the school, but worried sick that this may backfire and make DC life a misery.

I am so depressed with this all. Can anyone offer any advice or nuggets of information that may help me please. I just dont know where to start or what to do. DH has been away since the summer and not due home for another couple of months, so really struggling with all this at the moment.

1980chick Sat 10-Nov-12 12:32:11

Hi, I saw something at work (MOD) a couple of weeks ago that said there were going to be changes in the system that will enable personnel to withdraw their child from CEA without penalty. I'll see if I can find out more on Monday. It is probably worth trying to ring CEAS though, hopefully they will have the answer.

pimmsgalore Sun 11-Nov-12 08:52:05

If you can show that your DC is unhappy/being bullied/ or school is not meeting expectations you can choose to withdraw from 1 school and put in another. We looked into it last year when DS1 thought he was going to be expelled (turned out to be bad communication on housemistress part DS was in trouble but not as much as he thought) our RAO told us how you can change school without losing CEA or paying any back. The only issue we could see was the terms notice. We didn't change in the end, housemistress got sacked and boarding house is now much better more like the rest of the school.

I would enquire through RAO but you are not trapped

laptopcomputer Thu 15-Nov-12 20:01:30

You need to speak to CEAS. You can change school but have to follow v strict procedure

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