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Saltire I think my FIL is trying to steel your MIL's crown

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pimmsgalore Wed 07-Nov-12 12:51:06

DH is away, left just over a month ago.

DD is sick, has spent the last month in and out of hospital which has been complicated by the fact that she is 120 miles away at boarding school. I have spent the last months driving up and down a motorway for appointments with eldest DD whilst juggling youngest DD5 at home and calling 2 DSs at school reassuring them that their sister is ok. We finally have a diagnosis and she is back in school and doing great. (and I am getting a rest from the motorway) smile

I have told DH that DD is ill but have spared him details as I don't want him worrying whilst he is away, he can do nothing from where he is and so doesn't need the burden (IMO).

So FIL has been calling and emailing me constantly and getting cross that I have not returned his calls and that I have been out late at night (actually I was sat in a hospital with a sick child but obviously according to him I am out clubbing with my bit on the side) grin

I finally spoke to him, explained about DD and that I haven't told DH as I don't want him worrying. So he has been asking doctor friends about DDs condition and researching on the internet has been given 2 and 2 and come up with 56. He has now emailed me with all that is wrong with DD and how it will affect the rest of her life. Unfortunately he has told me all about a condition she doesn't have and copied DH into the email. angry So now DH is 1000s of miles away and has been informed by his dad that his daughter has a serious lifelong condition, I haven't spoken to him in a week and he doesn't know that DD is now fine and back in school (managing her condition by changing her diet which is all she needs to do).

So Saltire I think FIL is trying to steel the most annoying in law crown from your MIL. Can we put them in a room together somewhere I am sure they would get on like a house on fire grin

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