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Here we go again.

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FrozenNorthPole Sun 30-Sep-12 22:48:23

DH left this morning for training; will deploy on Herrick later this week. We've done deployments before and I should be a veteran at dealing with this, but I'm all wobbly. I have a 4 week old baby - maybe it's hormones? Also two more children of 4 and 2 years. No idea when he'll be back, some time next spring.

Feel like I've been kicked in the solar plexus. Want to move on to the 'feeling okay' stage of the deployment. Hate, hate, HATE this stage, particularly how vulnerable it makes you feel.

Just needed to say all this somewhere. It's important I look like I'm coping to the outside world (and I AM coping, jusy full of stupid self pity)


pimmsgalore Mon 01-Oct-12 18:11:23

Frozen please feel free to rant away and join us in ranting on the other need a rant thread.
On a plus side him going away whilst baby is so young and other 2 are little will leave you with very little time to worry or think. I think the tours where I have had a small baby in tow are the ones that have gone quickest grin

Congrats in your new arrival btw

SoggySummer Tue 02-Oct-12 08:38:23

Is this your first baby??

Motherhood changes alot of emotions.

Tbf to you if you have a 4 week old even if its baby number 10 for you - your hormones will be going a crazy and add that into the normal deployment emotions and stresses and its not going to be much fun.

My DH left for deployment last week. Thankfully its a shorter one but even after 16years in this game I am struggling this time and I dont have a new baby. I have no idea why I feel so tense and crap this time. The first week is always a bit crap. Come and moan away to us on here, we all have felt it at some point.

Hopefully as the days pass and we get into the swing of things it will pass a bit easier.

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