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Have any of you decorated your MQ?

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Saltire Sat 29-Sep-12 21:41:36

I mean whole house? Not jsut an odd wall here and there?
I ask because my young neighbour, in her first quarter, is an SAC, and we are in officers hosues, so quite big. Anyway she has decorated the entire house, I got a guided tour this afternoon.
The hallway is dark red and pink. All 10 doors are apinted pink,a nd the long wall downstiars is dark red. The banisters are pink, the upstairs walls are pink.

Kitcehn - Lime green, and the kitchen door has been taken off and those swing saloon type doors added.
Dining room has been wal papered in a teal floral apttern. The living room is dark brown and beige walls,a dn she has painted the wood firepalce black.

All the upstairs rooms are papered too.

I was a bit hmm by it as I A- have never seena quarter decorated to such an extent
B- never painted my own mQs ever.

I just wondered if anyone else had

SandyChick Sat 29-Sep-12 21:58:44

Wow. She's painted the woodwork pink hmm

We've only ever painted the 'feature wall' to break up the magnolia. Its a pain when it's comes to marching out tho and we wished we had just left it as it was. Same with holes from pictures etc. We painted a bathroom white because it was a combination of orange tiles that someone had painted blue and then new white tiles where they had replaced some broken ones. They didn't make us put that room back to its original state wink

I didn't think many people bothered really. When they came to do our pre march out they seemed surprised that we had even painted the odd wall.

SandyChick Sat 29-Sep-12 22:00:27

As for the wallpaper hmm will they expect the walls to be re plastered??

SoggySummer Sat 29-Sep-12 22:05:11

Blimey - Hope she never gets the same 3 week posting notice we did in our lat move.

I have a few neighbours who have painted the odd wall here and there and my nextdoor house has black wallpaper all over the lounge - its been empty for over a year now and never returned to magnolia.

I have also lived in MQs where once the magnolia flakes off the wall lime green is glaring through from underneath - so some people must do this.

I cant be arsed to decorate be frank. I would love a bit of colour here and there but we move too often and after 16 years and numerous moves I have just lost my mojo at playing Miss Habitat with furniture that I make fit in, even though it does not etc etc.

The best I can do is a change of curtains (in some rooms), lampshades, shower curtain and loo seat. The last 2 houses we have not even bothered with shelves on the wall and here we have used all the existing picture hooks rather tah put our own in!!

SoggySummer Sat 29-Sep-12 22:08:57

Surely it will need to be replastered where its been papered?? Or will they just paint over it?

OMG - she had better start buying shares in magnolia now.

I think alot of younger couples coming into MQs are doing this now. The whole march out thing has changed. All the young couples here pay for their cleaning to be done £4/500 around here - thats more than half the disturbance!! So maybe they intend to use the other half to get it redcorated back to magnolia??? I am obviously an old fogey cos I still clean my own MQ as we like the disturbance allowance too much!

SandyChick Sat 29-Sep-12 22:22:53

I must admit we used a cleaning company or rather a local lady who cleaned for people where we lived who did a full march out clean for £300 but guaranteed that it would pass or she would re do what they weren't happy with. We only ever lived in one MQ but if we were to do it again I wouldn't bother with decorating just own curtains (as the ones that were already in we're hideous) and new bathroom stuff.

pimmsgalore Sun 30-Sep-12 00:18:46

Soggy I must apologise I think you may have lived in the first married quarter I lived in. We painted every wall in the house, well I had been in a full time job, earning mega bucks and then got married, lost job due to DH and was a little bored during the daytime (DH would come home and go which room did you attack today). Have only done it once in my 16 years and would never do it again, it took far too long to paint back to magnolia and Dulux once doesn't do what it says on the tin grin

financialwizard Sun 30-Sep-12 10:56:11

Not in a million years. I have lost count of the amount of MQ's we have lived in but I have never painted or put pictures on the wall. I just cannot be bothered with redecorating in a rush. Never had cleaners either and we have never been charged on march out (yet). We have been in this qtr 2 months now and are hopefully moving into our own home soon and Mr F_W is going to be away when we do so I am going to get 'guaranteed march-out' cleaners in on this move.

Saltire Sun 30-Sep-12 11:45:18

I wonder if she just got carried away - 1st house, and a big one at that. It is also jam packed with furniture and I did think "hmm, at your next posting you're not guarenteed getting an officers quarter, you might well end up in a smaller junior ranks one".

I was flabbargasted to be honest at the amount of work and expense. i really couldn't be bothered knowing I'd have to put it all back to magnolia

VirtuousVamp Sun 30-Sep-12 16:47:47

She does realise she has to paint it all back magnolia doesn't she??

We did feature walls in our first quarter and at least 5 coats of magnolia later before marchout and we vowed never again!!!grin

Although hers sounds a bit like the quarters on Homefront!! If any of you saw that!!!grin

tismetisme Sun 30-Sep-12 18:06:55

I once painted the kitchen in a MQ! the units had Orange Fornica doors I painted the walls yellow to just do the whole 70's retro! HO nearly died of shock on pre-march out but did give me the number of the painter on camp who painted back to magnolia for me for £100!

SoggySummer Sun 30-Sep-12 19:36:08

Ha ha! Those MQs on Homefront the other night were rather busy decor wise!!

Someone should have told the producers that most of us live with patch painted Magnolia!!

midori1999 Tue 02-Oct-12 18:38:14

I know a lot of people who have put down laminate flooring in their quarters. Quite a few who have decorated too, including wallpaper. In fact, my previous (lovely!) next door neighbour had decorated every room, including wallpaper in the lounge and dining room and was on her second lot of laminate flooring since living there. There was also a very large climbing frame/playcentre in the garden, one of those huge wooden ones like you get in beer gardens/public parks etc.

We painted a few walls and did wallpaper one wall in th ebedroom in our last quarter, I'm never papering or painting dark colours again... grin I would like to put laminate flooring down here, but DH says no. Spoilsport....

midori1999 Tue 02-Oct-12 18:38:55

Oh, and where we are the last Co's wife 'famously' painted their front door bright pink apparently. grin

Newtothisstuff Sat 06-Oct-12 21:01:59

She's going to have fun putting all that back to magnolia !!
I also paint feature walls and things..
I've got friends who wall paper but they are long term in their quarters.. I move every 3 years.. Far too much hassle for me

feelinggood Sun 07-Oct-12 11:23:31

OMG really? How is she going to get the wooden fireplace and banisters back to being plain wood? Sounds like she has destroyed the house not decorated it!

We live in mostly magnolia. I put up pics but that is it. Loads of people put in new curtain poles, I have known people put in laminate and then have to use most of their disturbance putting it back. I cannot see the point of it - you are literally throwing money away.

polkadotsrock Thu 18-Oct-12 10:12:34

we decorated ours and I'm glad we did! just been posted though so ask me again in a month....

SorrelForbes Thu 18-Oct-12 10:17:43

We have replaced all the curtains (now safely stored in the loft) with blinds, changed the lampshades and painted the sitting room in a sort of beige! Can't be arsed to do more than that!

SarahJessicaFarter Wed 31-Oct-12 19:39:17

I have decorated, changed kitchen cupboards, put up curtains and lampshades. Renovated the garden, put up shelves, bought specific furniture, rugs and blinds. It's my home and I want it to look like one. I know people who have repapered. I don't like to feel as if I'm moving on all the time.

HomeintheSun Fri 02-Nov-12 23:04:19

someone I knew painted each of the 4 bedrooms different colours and also put up wallpaper, they were only in the house 10 months before they got posted. My friends nextdoor have painted their little DD's bedroom, I am a bit lazy and enjoy not doing DIY.

bubblepops Wed 07-Nov-12 16:48:21

I have wallpaper on one wall I love it do much changed the whole look of the room!!

Easy to come off too :-) And if all else fails it was hubby's idea haha!!

whatthebloodyhelldoidonow Fri 09-Nov-12 23:34:34

I did a few bits of decorating in the early days but after a few short notice postings I soon went off that idea.

Roll on the day I can have loud wallpaper grin

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