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Did anyone watch HomeFront

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Shoshe Fri 28-Sep-12 19:17:33

Sorry but that was not a quarter they were in,

No crap green/blue or beige carpet
No white PVC white door

Can I have a quarter like them please,

Youcanringmybell Fri 28-Sep-12 21:43:38

I agree - All the houses were decorated throughout and look nothing a normal quarter. I found it very dark and a little in bad taste as so many are still serving in Afganistan (my Husband included) and felt that is showing the military in a very bad light...

I will watch more and hope the image, although accurate in some ways, is not very realistic on many levels and certainly depressed me thoroughly.

pimmsgalore Fri 28-Sep-12 23:26:30

Shoshe I do know someone who moved into their quarter (knowing they would be there for 5 years) and ripped the carpet up and put laminate flooring down, they worked out that with fair wear and tear it wasn't going to cost them that much to pay for the ruined carpet when they left and they wanted to live in somewhere nice.

SoggySummer Sun 30-Sep-12 19:44:29

Each to their own but nothing is guaranteed in the job really - hope pimmsgalore friend never gets an unexpected posting. If I did something as daring as that I just know we would be posted even if they said there were no plans to be.

I thought the houses looked dark too. They looked too busy imo. I also felt it was in bad taste but the acting was so bad imo (award the crappiest acting goes to the spoilt officer teenage brat daughter) that it didnt move me on any level.

I found myself cringeing at it tbh. Sadly as I am stuck in on my own on Thursday nights for the forseeable future - I can see myself sitting down to watch it and rip it apart every week.

Anyone know where I can email the producers to give them some feedback??? Am bored and in bad mood.

SoggySummer Sun 30-Sep-12 19:46:20

Back in the old days of Soldier Soldier - at least they filmed them in RL MQs.

goinggetstough Sun 30-Sep-12 19:53:25

Do you remember soggy in soldier soldier they were able to clean a whole quarter with just one can of furniture polish!! That always impressed me and 24 years later I still can't do it!

SoggySummer Sun 30-Sep-12 20:11:08

Ha ha going I never noticed that before! I have just borrowed a whole box set of Soldier Soldier to watch whilst DH is away so will look out for that one!!]

I did watch an episode last year and noticed the curtains, carpets and barrack furniture has not changed in 20 odd years!

pimmsgalore Sun 30-Sep-12 22:24:12

going in soldier soldier they also had the man with the white gloves (showing my age to remember that in RL) and they patched picture hook holes with tipex (which doesn't work)

soggy I am with you , it made me cringe but the tv options for Thursday nights is not great and as I am also on my own for a while I will also be watching. Maybe we could start a campaign and list all the things they get wrong (front doors are never coloured, the only coloured ones are the ones they sold off before realising they needed them)

Youcanringmybell Mon 01-Oct-12 07:27:51

Oh yes a few messages to the producers...You would have thought they would have piloted it with military wives/ families really. Not a good start but who knows - maybe some of the characters will grow on us....
<hopes not>

justhayley Thu 04-Oct-12 23:33:37

Quite liked it last week (I love trash tv) but this week have ended up depressed imagining DP sleeping around whilst away lol. As youv all said though there's not much else to do on a Thursday night so I'll probably end up watching the whole series whether I like it or not.

pimmsgalore Fri 05-Oct-12 08:18:42

well I decided last night that DH is obviously in the wrong regiment I want one of those large officer houses that they all live in (although I won't be taking the officer wifey attitude, I like everyone regardless of their husbands rank) smile

jcscot Sat 06-Oct-12 14:36:03

Finally watched this and I thought it was cliche-ridden rubbish. I agree with everyone that the houses look nothing like the MQs I've lived in.

Also the Maj's daughter story - load of rubbish. They got the ages all wrong. The average age of a company commander is around 35/36 - he'd have to have bern married very very young in order to have a daughter in her mid-teens. The CO's wife they showed had to be in her mid 50s when the average age of a CO is 42-44.

They seem to be aiming for easy stereotypes - the brave, honest "cannon-fodder" squaddies opposed to the posh cowardly officers.

Numerous other errors:

R&R arrivals in the main street of a small town? The cliche of the predatory female soldier? Wives being told they've to toe the line and not upset the men?

Lazy, lazy writing.

feelinggood Sun 07-Oct-12 11:17:51

Very lazy writing indeed. Stereotypical crap.

SoggySummer Tue 09-Oct-12 12:52:19

I have just watched last Thursdays episode. Thought I would give it a second chance!

it was worse than the first episode.

Juts awful really awful. May consider watching more purely for comedy value!

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