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Groups for toddlers in Gutersloh

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Scootergrrrl Sat 08-Sep-12 18:45:29

Hiya - do you want groups in Bielefeld or in Gutersloh? It's a bit of a trek from one to the other for a coffee morning ;)
When we were in Bielefeld, we used to go to Go Bananas, the little soft play area at the top of Catterick Barracks, quite often and a couple of toddler groups in the church hall. There used to be a music group there on a Thursday morning but I don't know if it's still on. Your best bet is probably to pop into the Hive or Homestart which are in the amenities block on camp and get an up to date list of what's on and when. And do you have the list of amenities buses so you can get around if you don't drive? Feel free to PM me if you've got any specific questions about the area and hope you're enjoying it over here.

louhew385 Mon 03-Sep-12 12:05:47

Hi all,

I'm new to forces sweethearts and quite frankly so glad I found you!

My husband works on PRB but we live in Bielefeld. Can anyone recommend any toddler groups for my little girl who is nearly 2?

It would be nice to chat with other mums in our area. x

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