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RAF fitness and health tests.

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polkadotsrock Fri 24-Aug-12 15:10:00

My dh has flat feet (that I tease him mercilessly about) and is a serving member of the RAF. Would think th allergy would be the problem but if it is not documented he wouldn't be the 1st not to mention something like that. I'm certainly not recommending that behaviour but it does happen.

Houseofplain Thu 23-Aug-12 14:05:12

With all due respect. There will be many a times "he is to eat what he is given". He then has an allergic reaction and will face instant dismissal for having lied.

How does one have a nut allergy without having it medically documented anyway? Nut oils and traces are in what seems like everything.

penguin73 Tue 14-Aug-12 14:13:29

Unsure about the feet but as the nut allergy precludes him anyway the feet issue is irrelevant. Even if it is not already recorded it will have to be declared and to not do so would result in dismissal as soon as he was found to have lied about it.

Sonaive Mon 13-Aug-12 21:09:54

I had to nc to do this post.

I have a young relative whose heart is set on joining the raf, not as a pilot but as ground staff (correct term?) any way he has flat feet.

I mean no natural arch on standing and I think hypermobility a bit in the arms too, he can bend joints back further than I could. He also has a nut allergy which is also listed on the websites pdf of medical conditions that preclude joining the raf. I dont think the gp knows about the nut allergy so it probably isnt listed on the childs medicial records. He has pronounced bunions too.

Anyway, My question is will the raf take one look at his feet and turn him down or will the fact he wants to be ground support get him in?.

He has his heart set on it and every week I have to stop myself saying anything as the mom is very aggressive to any criticism of her plans for her DC, she is very pushy with them and just takes it for granted that he will get in as the family has history with the raf which I would have thought would have made her more knowledgeable about selection criteria.

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