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Help on SSFA, this is quite stressful.

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IWanders Mon 06-Aug-12 10:26:13

Just wondered if anyone knew anything on SSFA. Basically we applied for a 4 bed in Helensburgh a while ago. According to JSP464 we are entitled to a 4 bed we have a baby due in 2 months he will be our fourth.

However there are no 4 beds available, there are 2 coming up at some point but they are being disputed I don't know why?
We have a school aged and pre-school aged child and I wanted to be moved in and set up before the baby was due and before the schools half term.

I basically didn't want to start dd in school in the uk for a few weeks and then go to Scotland I wanted a definitive end and beginning and thought the school holidays was an ideal time to move.

Anyway according to JSP464 because we have a child due in less then 6 months it has to be recognised as part of the family and if there is no suitable SFA then we should be offered SSFA. I have looked at all the PDFs and it looks like a lengthy process. We are waiting for a phone call this afternoon about housing, up until now they have been trying to move us into a 3 bed; but we just won't fit (2 double beds and one single). Especially if the houses where the families are in dispute could take months and months to move out, we could be stuck in a 3 bed with 4 kids for months.

We have also no where to live, our current landlord knows we are moving and is letting us stay in contract free for the meantime but we are not really secure past September as when my dh first contacted housing they said they had some 4 beds and it wouldn't be a problem to move us in. So we didn't extend our current lease.

Sorry this is long but I could scream, really not sure what will happen and the schools go back on August the 15th and I haven't applied for a place as we have no address. Basically we are in limbo.

Does anyone know where we stand and what our options are, thanks for putting up with this as I know its a bit long.

Devilforasideboard Mon 06-Aug-12 14:57:14

Try contacting AFF, the contact details are in the 'Where's AFF' thread on this board.

IWanders Mon 06-Aug-12 16:24:41

Sorry should have said we are Navy.

pimmsgalore Mon 06-Aug-12 17:07:41

we had 4 in a 3 bed, if you have 2 double rooms then there is no issue as far as housing are concerned. The only issue arrises if you need to have bunk beds and all your DCs are under 6 (as they can't go in bunk beds due to health and safety). So we were told that we put 2 in the single room in bunk beds and 2 in the double room. Oh and as all our DCs were under 12 then the fact that this meant boys and girls sharing didn't matter.

If I were you I would get the floor plan of the 3 bed and see if you can fit, we have in the past given DCs the biggest room and then us in the second room so that we can put 3 in one room.

I know the JSP says you are entitled to 4 beds or SSFA but it is sometimes better to squeeze in and move than wait apart at the top of the list with DH miles away and a new baby. Oh and then the next time you move you can use it as a bartering chip (we got a house above entitlement after living with 4DCs in a 3 bed for 2 years as they were sympathetic to our need to move quick and not wait as we were struggling fitting in)

As far as schools go you can apply using your DHs posting order (or Navy equivalent) and then supply the address later.

IWanders Mon 06-Aug-12 18:28:58

Thanks Pimmsgalore, we have 4 dc and all will be under 5. So I am not sure were we stand, plus we are moving out of a 5 bed private rental, so space could be an issue even though we are leaving over half our furniture to facilitate the move. We have considered a 3 bed but have been told by the hive that they are quite small.
I just wish they would make it easier, they just don't seem helpful and with only 2 months left before baby is here the stress is not welcome.

pimmsgalore Mon 06-Aug-12 19:58:58

You need to phone the HIC yourself, don't let DH do it as a pregnant hormonal woman will get further as you are allowed to be upset wink Tell them that if they can't give you a quarter by the date you require, as you have relinquished your private rental where you are you will be homeless with a newborn so you need the forms to apply for SSFA. If they don't agree and issue you with a non availability chit then ask them who you need to complain to. Go to your DHs CO if needed, or the welfare office. Also ask if there is any chance of getting bumped up a quarter size or having 2 smaller quarters next to each other (not ideal but I have seen it done using one for living in and one for sleeping in, although means you go to bed early)

I know several people who have ended up sourcing the SSFA themselves as they just asked what their entitlement for price was.

It will all be worth it in the end, I know it is stressful right now but believe me when no 4 puts in an appearance it isn't that much more work (we had 4 under 6 and moved a month before no 4 came along so I feel your pain).

IWanders Mon 06-Aug-12 20:31:49

Thanks again Pimmsgalore I will let you know how we get on tomorrow as I guess we could be onto the phone to them for some time, I just really want it sorted I have emotionally moved if not physically. smile

hf128219 Fri 10-Aug-12 15:52:30

The only thing about sourcing SSFA yourself is that you (not MOD) have to pay the deposit to the rental agency - we were out of pocket by 3K for 3 years. We obviously got it back.

IWanders Sat 11-Aug-12 19:17:39

No option of self sourcing, but have applied. Even though it takes 50 odd days to sort out. So that puts our move back a month, meaning I have only a month if that to sort everything before I have this baby. So unpack, new schools, settle in, find a place to have baby, find a dermatologist in case I need one for baby. I could scream but I do not want to be in a 3 bed for two years and housing don't appear to be too inclined to move you into a bigger house if your already settled; even in a house that is smaller than your family needs. Honestly I can't see why they need the full 50 days for SSFA as Helensburgh housing stock isn't exactly a daunting prospect to hunt through, there are only 3 on right move and as they seem to be not using the officer housing in Rhu they have even less housing available when you apply, we even said we didn't mind being moved up a grade and paying more but 4 beds are as big as they get and although we were told they had some coming up they seem to be unable to give a time frame on when they will be empty. So we have applied for SSFA and hopefully we will be in before the baby is here.

Thanks for the help, advice and support.

pimmsgalore Sat 11-Aug-12 20:09:39

sad not good. I would suggest you get all the paperwork in ASAP and then hassle hassle hassle. Daily phone calls and emails really p**s them off so they want to get rid of you quickly grin.

Hope all goes quickly and you move before your bundle of joy arrives. Good luck and plenty of wine after the birthwink

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