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DE- fancy a rant? Tell your tale here!

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whizzyrocket Mon 19-Sep-11 16:48:59

I've only been in military accommodation for a year and already I'm appalled by their incompetence. They've made life very stressful recently. I have a cold, am full of pregnancy hormones, and feel the need to vent my frustration so if you fancy joining me, feel free!

nomiddlename Mon 19-Sep-11 16:53:53

I'm always ready to vent with regards to DE. I'm working out how to ask them to replace a manky bit of old carpet (only just moved in) in the corridor from the kitchen to utility, with a nice new bit of lino.

It's so stupid - you come in from the garage onto lino, then onto carpet, then back to lino in the kitchen and unfortunately, my naughty cat has decided to wee on the carpet whenever she sees fit!

Anyway - I know DE will say "no" so thinking I might just buy some and do it myself (DH will go loopy if I do that though).

What have they 'not done' for you whizzy?

whizzyrocket Mon 19-Sep-11 17:23:46

Right, so, from the beginning:

My husband was due to be posted in November, but knowing our baby would be due in November he asked his desk officer to post him before then so we'd have time to settle in and so I would have some sort of continuity of healthcare. So he was given a new command in Oxfordshire, only half an hour or so away from where we are currently, and asked for a quarter there.

We were offered a house fairly quickly (I think this was in May or June) but were told that we had to say yes to it really quickly or we would lose it (something I've since found out to be lies)- I was away and my trusting chap signed us up to take the house before having seen it. The next week we went to see the place. It was awful. The woman told us as we were going around the place that it would be painted and have new carpet, but that didn't stop us from having a few objections to the place. Objections like not liking the massive holes where pipes vanished into the walls, or indeed the pipes themselves which, as some were for hot water I would consider a health and safety risk (I can't help thinking of that poor baby a few years ago, whose parents had been told their plumbing was safe, only for a hot pipe to fail right over the baby's cot), and most of all the major damp problem throughout the house. DE of course refused to admit that there was a damp problem, despite that any fool could see the house was riddled with it- plaster-board doesn't bubble and peel up on its own and most people can recognise a damp mark under a bit where the roof bowed- so we had to refuse the house and go to the bottom of their list to be housed.

We asked to retain our current house as we were close enough that my husband could commute, but having set the ball rolling he couldn't stop it. They replied that they would need our house soon and far from retaining it, if they wanted it for another family we would have to move out within a month... apparently it was our fault for having refused their generous offer of the last wonderful house!

In July we were offered the next place. This place we did go and see before saying yes. It's not as nice as the place we're currently in (small but clean as opposed to bigger, darker, with no storage and a smaller living space) but having been told they could ask us to leave as any point and this place is at least solid, we took it. We were again told it would have new carpet (truly grotty so truly needed) and fresh paint, and we were given a date to move in- this week.

Now, you'd think that having had since July to put that new carpet in place they would have done so, wouldn't you? I've been trying to get hold of someone who knew about the house for weeks now and see how things are going but only on Friday did I manage to get someone in that office to send an email, get an answer and call me back. No, our carpets would not be in by the time we move in this Friday. No, they do not know when they are due to be fitted.

So, today I've set my chap to chasing them to see if they could perhaps arrange for the carpet to be fitted on time- after all the cash has been freed up for them to do it now and it doesn't take that long- or to get them to commit to a date. But they won't. It seems to me to be incredibly obstructive and incompetent, firstly not to give a family a point of contact regarding their move, secondly not to organise what needs to be done within a really quite generous time-scale, thirdly not to tell the family when things go wrong, fourthly not to ruddy well move heaven and earth to get things done when there have been problems, and lastly not to be willing to provide a date when the problem will be resolved.

Everyone has a calendar. I know that they will at some point, when the mood takes them decide to call the carpet folk and ask which date they're next free to fit a house with new carpet and the carpet chaps then and there will be able to tell them. So why is it so difficult to make that call, ask, get the answer and call us back?!

I have seven weeks until my baby is due, I want to be setting up home, getting all the stuff for the baby ready and making everything clean and organised, not living out of boxes because stuff will need to be moved when the carpet is fitted. What a nuisance! Grr!

whizzyrocket Mon 19-Sep-11 17:26:56

Sorry, as you can see, I was in the middle of typing my magnum opus and didn't notice your post!

I agree with you on your dilemma- it is unlikely they'll be helpful. I'd just do it. I think that if you ask them they'll say no but if you just get it done they're unlikely to even notice!

whizzyrocket Mon 19-Sep-11 17:29:20

...I also share your pain with the naughty cat. Mine doesn't wee (thank heaven!) but has done substantial devilry on the carpet on the bottom stair! His claws must be magnificent, it looks like I've had a tiger cub to stay!

nomiddlename Tue 20-Sep-11 13:19:47

Blimey - I feel for you there - my cat on the carpet problem sinks into oblivion compared with that grin.

I always think it's quite ironic that considering how military the forces are, how un-military-like DE are. Complete opposites.

Well - hope it gets better for you and your stress decreases before the arrival of your new baby smile.

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