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part furnished MQs????

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vintageteacups Tue 02-Aug-11 19:39:07

Hi - moving into a large quarter that currently has lots of bedrooms.

At the moment it's being used as a mess annex so the extra army furniture the current owner has, is free.

We've just been told, having said we wanted a bed in each bedroom and a dressing table in the master, that we'll be charged.

DH reckons it'll be pricey per month and doesn't want the stuff anymore. He thinks it'd be cheaper to buy beds, mattresses and a dressing table.

Anyone know current married quarter charges for part furnished?

goinggetstough Wed 03-Aug-11 07:10:06

I do seem to remember that part furnished was quite expensive, although i don't have actual figures. I presume you have your own bedroom furniture for the master, a guest room and any children's bedrooms. So the extra bedrooms would be used for when you have work guests - assuming you will do, we did. Therefore it might be worth asking for the system to put beds/furniture in the extra rooms that will be used for this purpose for free. Worth a try!!

vintageteacups Wed 03-Aug-11 10:27:10

Thank you!

Yes we have our own bed for the guest room and have now decided to just buy a futon for another room. With a sofa bed that was going to be in the play room, and an airbed in an emergency, we can then have enough beds for our friends all coming at once for xmas.

Work guests will only be one couple/single guy at a time so the spare double in the guest room will be fine.

Thanks for the info and we might try and ask for one more double for free.

planetpotty Tue 06-Sep-11 21:44:13

It cant be that much my MQ is part furnished and £80 PCM.

Top tip lots of the baby stuff at many camps is actually realy good smile DD currently upstairs in a brand new cot and matress which you would never know is issue.

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