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AFF housing survey

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wheresthepimms Thu 30-Jun-11 16:09:45

Hi all

everyone should hop over to and complete their housing survey that comes on line tomorrow. Whilst everyone else can go on strike our DHs can't and their TACOS are being warn down constantly AFF are about the only way we have of complaining right now and the new housing policies don't look good to me.

On another note maybe we as DWs should go on strike grin anyone think the military could run without out us running along picking up the pieces grin

vintageteacups Thu 30-Jun-11 19:25:32

A definite "no" about the latter!!!

will take a peek at the site.

vintageteacups Fri 01-Jul-11 13:05:19

Filled out my survey online - very weirdly worded some of the questions.

Some explained why they were being asked, some did not.

Oh well - hope I've answered in a way that helps!!!

wheresthepimms Fri 01-Jul-11 13:50:08

yes I thought that too so added as much comment in the comment boxes as possible, take it from your fear of all things transport like you didn't apply to win the free Alton towers tickets guessing it would be outside you comfort zone all those rides grin would defo need wine after a day out there wink

vintageteacups Fri 01-Jul-11 13:54:58

How well you know me! That's right - didn't apply for the tickets - I've given the proper thrill seekers a chance.

scaryteacher Tue 05-Jul-11 10:05:32

It looks like another attempt to save money by getting rid of SFAs and SSFAs.

Can't see how it will work if they want a mobile Armed Forces.

MrsSnaplegs Tue 05-Jul-11 18:57:27

If SFA goes I go. We have actively chosen to be mobile as our children are young enough to do so, by the time they need stability I will be due to leave so if SFA goes before then so do I ! Filled in survey and said thatwink

wheresthepimms Wed 06-Jul-11 09:30:24

they want us all to live in our own houses in super garrisons the penny pushers just don't understand that those who trickle post would lose too much money if this was to happen, you can't stay in one place if that means being a Lt all your life can you
I filled it in commented in every box possible with all the negative aspects I could think of, we to will be offski if they get rid of SFA. Although it would work if they gave you BAH like in the US and we all decided to sell all our furniture, kids etc to live in a tiny 1 bedroom flat and make money on it grin

Insanity Sun 17-Jul-11 11:02:15

I filled it in to and also said that dp would leave if we weren't entitled to a SFA, bloody ridiculous really isn't it!
My dp is part of 5 battalions, where all 5 are at the moment based permanently in an area. You could buy a house and settle down in that area if your dp was to turn down any career postings, so far we have moved twice, and he is on his third posting (no quarter for us yet, another story!). The bigwig people who are thinking of this need to have a rethink! I can see a lot of people signing off, or the whole forces being young single men!

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