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Argh help me please - miniature bloody medals!

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Saltire Sun 19-Jun-11 20:31:40

DHhmm needs miniature medals for his mess dress. I said I'd get them for his birthday. We've been waiting for his mess dress. he has 4 medals. GSM with Iraq and NI bars, Queens Jubilee, NATO Kosovo and LS andGC, so 4 in total
However, I am ordering them from
"The Mess dress"online place.
However, I'm getting a bit confused by the whole thing.
It has the GSM medal, and a drop down menu for the bar you want added. So I added Air Ops irag. Then I added it agian with Northern Ireland bar.
However on checkout it looks like it is sending 5 medals instead of 4. I'm totally baffled, is this correct?

Tattoos29 Mon 20-Jun-11 16:21:46

that is 5 isn't it?

1. GSM Iraq/
3. QJ
4.NATO Kosovo
5. LS and GC

Thats sounds right, i'm sure my hubby's are the same, and I used Messdress online for my own medels too. smile

Saltire Wed 22-Jun-11 08:14:48

I got it sorted. He has got

1 x GSM with NI and Iraq bars added
1 x Kosovo
1x QJ and

they look realy nice, super fast delivery too

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