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HIC - Nil Points !!!

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vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 11:33:00

Blimey - just phoned the housing info centre relating to the area where we're moving to ask did she know when our very-tied quarter will be officially offered (vintage is going nuts waiting) and she sounded so uninterested it was untrue.

Definitely nil points on customer service today! She was spluttering down the phone and fobbing me off saying that until the guy books a move out app, she cannot offer the quarter (fair enough I thought).

Then she said there are no available quarters there at the moment until someone books a move out! I was like "er, no, the house is completely tied to the job so that will be the house we move into". She was just grumpy from then on so I smiled (virtually down the phone to her) and said "thank you for your help". If she had been all chirpy and pleasant I wouldn't have needed to have written this - why can't DE/HIC/MHS buck their ideas up and actually do some customer service training???

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 11:55:40

Well - just checked the rules and it states that they must offer you a quarter within 4 months of your posting, which it was on 22nd April!!!

So even if the person hasn't booked their pre-march out, must they still offer the quarter to time scale? Surely booking the pre-march out is by the by?

I really don't see how that has anything to do with us being told we can move in (then later on, verify the date once current guy has booked pre-march out?)

scaryteacher Mon 09-May-11 12:04:41

My friend is moving back from here to Bristol and has had a nightmare trying to get an MQ sorted and that's for a returning from foreign parts move!

What's a tied quarter - something like Captain of the Dockyard's house?

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 12:09:37

A quarter that is for a specific post Scary, the Commanding Officer's quarter for example.

Just found this and DH's post begins on 22nd August:

You need to submit your MOD Form 1132 to the Housing Information Centre covering your new location as soon as you receive your Assignment Order. If this is within four months of your posting date, DIO Operations Accommodation will aim to make you a provisional offer within 10 working days. If you submit your form earlier than this, we will try our best to make you an early offer, however, we are not obliged to do so until the four month point.

We submitted our forms in February. Reading the above makes me think that we are well into the 4 months time slot before posting?

wheresthepimms Mon 09-May-11 12:31:50

vintage get DH (know he is v.busy right now) to phone them up and state that if they don't have a quarter to offer you then can you have a private hiring (non availability chit) please. They will soon get their arses in gear. The other thing to do is email the area coordinator, complain about the persons on the phones attitude (they record all calls so she can't get out of it) and then say you want the situation resolving (we did this when coming back from the states when they offered us a warrant officers house which they conveniently regraded into a Majors, leaving us with the smallest quarter we would have ever lived in) they will try to sort it pretty quick.

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 12:35:27

Thaks pims but do you reckon from what the above rules say, they should be allocating now?

wheresthepimms Mon 09-May-11 12:43:18

Wednesday will be 10 working days of the 22 April so they should offer you on Wednesday, I think I got all those bank holidays correct!

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 12:51:19

Aha - I see. Thank you. smile

DorisIsAPinkDragon Mon 09-May-11 13:05:58

thing is if the quarter is tied and the previous tennant has not yet sunmitted the docs etc for march out, then realistically they will not be able to offer you that house, as it's not on their available books... (yes I know it doesn't take a rocket scientist).

So they will either offer you an alternative MQ (if they pulled their finger out they'll find one) or a private hiring, do you really want any of these or do you want the tied quarter? if they allocate and you move would you be happy with moving again?

Would it be worth your dh have a chat with the person he is replacing and explaining your difficulty in organising the move and ask him to submit paperwork to get the ball rolling? (or would that not be politically workable)

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 13:09:14

The quarter is the only quarter for that post IYSWIM?
Let's just say that post after post after post has been tied to that house and it's officially been designated as the house for that post so we don't/can't need another quarter; just want them to make it official for that one.

I will get DH to call the Adj and arrange for the paperwork to be submitted perhaps. Don't think DH wants to hassle outgoing person though - although he did text him last week to confirm move dates so in his mind, it's all fine.

wheresthepimms Mon 09-May-11 15:46:38

Vintage do you know the UWO there at the moment, not sure myself but they may be able to help, or even try the padre (do believe it is still the same one, if you ply him with promises of wine sure he could help)

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 15:52:11

I'm going to ask DH to ring the adj tomorrow and explain I think.

I'm sure it's not a requirement though that the person who's quarter you're moving into has to have bookde their pre-march out app.

wheresthepimms Mon 09-May-11 16:04:12

vintage if he has an assignment order can the adj get a copy to the HIC because once he has that date then he is no longer entitled to your house as it is X house IYSWIM (I know someone who had to move 6 houses down the road as DH deployed straight after command for a year had no onwards assignment order but they were no longer entitled to live in the house they were in and were kicked out pretty rapidly)

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 16:10:58

I'll chat to DH tonight and see what he says.
The guy isn't being difficult at all; it's the HIC that are being useless.

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 16:12:05

Just got email from DH saying he'll ping the guy a text asking him to book a pre-march out and start the HIC process.

swingingcat Mon 09-May-11 16:48:55

I'm not a fan of HIC but I can't see how they could help if the occupants haven't booked march out!
Also what happen's if the SFA needs "work"? We have been caught by Defence Estates taking over 4 months to repaint a house!

MrsSnaplegs Mon 09-May-11 17:29:50

HIC can actually see assignment orders now from jpa so should be able to tell other bloke is moving on

vintageteacups Mon 09-May-11 18:28:51

Exactly mrssnaplegs. We don't want the quarter yet swingingcat - just want them to officially allocate it from the move date.

DH is going to email the adj tonight anyway so should hopefully be sorted soon.

lktoday5 Thu 12-May-11 17:38:51

vintage did you get anywhere? as per our PM's I'm already despairing at that particular HIC. DP got told to 'stop hassling' them, just because he wanted some certainty and couldnt get it and kept being told 'yes we have a quarter for you', 'oh oops no we dont', 'oh there might be one in july', 'oh no you have to apply for a hiring'sense they dont have the brains they were born with ...bah humbug ....

wheresthepimms Sat 14-May-11 21:35:56

Lktoday5 that particular HIC also told us there was nothing available last time we moved there, quick word with UWO and suddenly we had a house, they don't like issuing non availabity chits so if you ask them for one they suddenly find one. The main issue is the yellow bird there has a priority for housing as when they are on call they have to be on base, believe they even hold empty MQs for them if they know they are coming in, you just need to find a reason why you must be there.
From my experience they are all just as bad though, when we moved here they tried to offer us a type D instead of a type 4 would have been the smallest house we had ever lived in and we physically wouldn't have been able to fit our 4 DCs beds in the house. We went to the main head office and complained and they suddenly put us in a type 3.

vintageteacups Sun 15-May-11 10:39:22

I told DH what the woman I spoke to was like and he said that after she's allocated the quarter, I should write and explain that her frosty approach and lack of convincing support isn't acceptable. Whilst I've been moving for years as a forces wife, a new wife on their first quarter move would have, I imagine, been quite upset by the lack of caring sensitivity.

Like DH said, to them, they are houses - to us, they are homes.

Strumpypumpy Mon 16-May-11 15:40:18

Ah HICs they should by trade description remove the Information part. They are so consistently rude, it is doubtful to me that they actually undergo any customer service training at all. But I don't think they view as 'customers' so there is a problem right there. However, on moving to the Bristol area from overseas myself, I found them to be extremely unhelpful and very unsympathetic. The local Barrack Warden (not their job title anymore), was excellent and turned up a 'get you in pack' the HIC forgot and showed us how to do the heating and water. Shame in some ways we can't go back to the old system tbh. Our toilet was broken at march in. The solution is that you, the new tenant reports the job. Not the outgoing one... Cyprus is run by the military and it was heaps better. Good luck to your friend scary teacher. My guess would be Colerne, Hullavington or Corsham for their quarter. Hirings are few and far between now. But these houses are fine.

scaryteacher Tue 17-May-11 07:19:17

They have been allocated a new PFI built quarter, so the move is happening. I am glad that when we go back, we won't have to deal with this as we would be going back to our house anyway, and when we go back dh will be retired (aaargh), unless they give him an extension (hopes, as uni in 3 years for ds).

lktoday5 Wed 18-May-11 11:48:33

wheres thanks for this - another frustrating set of encounters with this HIC. No Majors quarters so they've offered a hiring but I'm really reluctant - it will end up being the middle of rural suffolk. I'm 16 weeks pg with first child and it will be my first MQ and DH will be away for 6 months plus of the next year so really wanted to be on base to have some support network (I dont have any family and DH's will be living in Cyprus by then). We asked re Captains quarters and were told that 'she didnt think they had any either but couldnt see orders to check' which I think is rubbish - right? I've asked DH to speak to the UWO to see if anything can be done but other than him regular pestering to see if anything may come up in Aug I'm at a it of a loss. Getting a bit stressed (perhaps uneccessarily) about when I will be able to transfer my care and get a consultants appt at new hospital ......any help or advice gratefully received ....

OfflineFor30Seconds Wed 18-May-11 12:54:52

lktoday5 - MQs are quite hard to come by up here; I know 4 families who have been put in hirings in the past year. If you want to PM me about where they are suggesting, I'll let you know what the area's like (some are better than others) and if there are any families already there.

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