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Coping tips whilst DH is deployed

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loubielou31 Tue 11-Jan-11 20:11:06

My DH is going on ops to Afghan in March and with all the pre tour training will be away from next week until September apart from pre tour and mid tour leave.

It is the first time he's deployed since we've been together, (which I know makes me very lucky compared to many I know).

I'm in need of all those pearls of wisdom that those of you who've been there and got the T-shirt can pass on. We have 2 DDs age 3 and 1, and are living in MQs in Germany so we're a very long way from all those usual supports of family and friends!

All advice gratefully recieved.

vintageteacups Tue 11-Jan-11 21:53:41

Hi - if he's deploying with the regt (as I should he is), then welfare will lay on a load of stuff - BBQs, trips to theme parks/zoos etc.

My top tip is that when your 3 yr old is entitled to vouchers, use all five sessions!
It'll give you a break, your dd will love getting away for a bit to do her own thing and your 1yr dd will have some time with you on her own.

Try to get together with friends and arrange to take turns babysitting or find a repsonsible teenager to sit for you so you can go out for a bit.

Make sure you plan to get out of the house/meet friends for coffee/go shopping every day and plan to do something on each weekend day.

Try to space out family/friends to visit so that you have someone say once every other month.

Pop to Ikea for the day on a weekend - put the kids into the creche - chill out and mooch around, pick up the kids and have meatballs (something you can do on your own iof others are busy).

Stock up on craft stuff for the girls (get a roll of paper from Ikea and loads of crayons), set stuff up in the garden (if you're not in a flat) for them to do (washing the wendy house/painting the fence with water/gardening etc/playing in a tub of water when it's warmer etc.

Arrange play dates for little friends to come for tea. Buy some nice German cakes and ask the mummies to stay for a chat etc.

You'll be fine - go for lots of walks in the fresh air/rain so you don't get lonely staying in.
Hope this helps a bit.

vintageteacups Tue 11-Jan-11 21:55:39

Oh - and defo make a list of services you need to put into both of your names so that if you need to speak to the bank/mobile phone companies etc, they will speak to you and not they did to me when DH was away.

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