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vintageteacups Tue 04-Jan-11 10:09:17

Hi everyone.

I should know this but just wondering if there's something I can be getting on with in regards to our next move into quarters.

We have been living in own house for a couple of years and DH has just received an updated assignment order today, saying the new job starts mid August.

This means 'phew' in my mind as I was worried he might not start until end of september and we might end up living in the mess for a few weeks until house is free.

Bascially, the house we're moving into is tied to job but current resident on tour until march approx.

DH just tells me to leave it all to him (oh dear me) but is there something I can book/get info about from HIC in the next month or so?

As the house is officially tied to the job, do we not need to ask for a housing form?

Can I pencil in removals with MS Shipping (is there a form DH needs to get?)

Can't believe I'v forgotten all of this so quickly!
Thanks in advance smile

vintageteacups Tue 04-Jan-11 18:28:44

Anybody out there????

madwomanintheattic Wed 05-Jan-11 01:57:22

dh isn't on tour? just the current incumbent? i'd just keep prodding him to be honest. grin he still has to fill in the housing request, i think, as it triggers the other stuff (and lets them officially allocate the quarter to him etc etc) and he should be able to book removals etc now as he has an assignment order. is he just waiting because he wants to confirm dates for handover?

i always speak to the housing people myself and ask lots of questions - none of them have ever told me they can't discuss anything with me, so you could call and ask them. dh has to actually submit all the stuff, but everyone has always been really helpful when i call them with random moving/ quarter questions. i'm sure it varies depending on where you are going though - UK seem to be better for some reason ime.

how exciting! i love moving - are you off somewhere good? <nosy>

vintageteacups Wed 05-Jan-11 09:22:02

Yes - lovely Suffolk Madwoman. Great house, great job, great life hopefully for the next 2 yrs. I'm very happy and so are he and the kids.

Right - feel better. He's on a course currently unti July so he's keeps moaning that it's not as easy to get any personnel stuff done (oh woe is me, bla bla bla).

The current bloke in the post is on tour and doesn't get back until March and DH shouted told me that he doesn't want to ask him anything about his move dates until he's back from there.

I on the other hand want to get it all straight in my head asap. Might call HIC later.

Can we now download housing & removal forms online?

vintageteacups Wed 05-Jan-11 14:41:14

All sorted - rang the HIC - way too early was her reply. I'll just keep on decluttering until March then.....

madwomanintheattic Wed 05-Jan-11 15:27:29

i love a good declutter. grin we got rid of 30 cubic feet of junk last move. grin not that you can tell... <surveys current clutter>

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