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STODIS Sat 25-Dec-10 00:52:46

Hi All,
On a completely different note......
Can those of you who know the Lincoln area please help me.
Where in Lincoln would you look for housing for retired people in a nice location (they want a bungalow) close to a hospital/doctors surgery. Have easy access to local shops (i.e a well stocked local High Street) and be easily able to hop on a bus into a town which is not too far away.
Imagine an elderly lady living alone....who likes dog walking but who doesn't drive.
If anyone can help me with the names of some areas it would make it easier for me to search on Rightmove for them. Thanks everyone. Happy Christmas. I have to say, as I have astounded myself, that I have just been on the M&S website, which is a tradition of mine on Christmas Day, only to find that I didn't want a single thing. Amazing!!!!!!

herdingcats Sun 26-Dec-10 16:48:40

Saxilby- a good sized village . 2 doctors surgeries, Coop, pharmacy,butchers,bakers , greengrocers,post office.
Good bus service and train station.
Quite a lot of bungalows for sale ,all sell fairly quickly.
Its a lovely village ,but I am biased grin

mumwhereareyou Mon 27-Dec-10 18:13:18

Metheringham, just outside Lincoln south side, full of bungalows, and Drs, 5 min train ride into Lincoln not too sure about shops though.

tadventjennyp Mon 27-Dec-10 19:38:09

Waddington is a nice big village with lots of amenities not too far from Lincoln. If you don't mind the aircraft noise, that is!

PurpleMiffy Mon 27-Dec-10 19:48:08

Saxilby is a lovely village. Train into town is very easy but no where near hospital.

These retirement homes have just been built in uphill Lincoln (Newport LN1) e/lincoln.html There's a bus stop outside which goes straight into town. Every 20 mins I think. 5 mins in car to hospital. There's a road nearby. 5 mins walk which has a few shops. CO-OP, hairdressers, doctors, post office, discount shop, news agents, couple of gift type shops. Also very near to the Cathedral & Castle.

Let me know if you need anything else x

westlake Mon 27-Dec-10 19:52:04

heighington/washingborough/branston all lovely and on a very good 10min bus route into town. lots of bungalows on an estate but in the countryside. they go quickly.

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