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So looks like DH will be home for Christmas after all...

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MrsTicklemouse Tue 14-Dec-10 21:29:16

(He's sandy but not sandy iyswim)

Had a phone call this morning to say he's just had his appendix out!!!

There was me thinking I was suffering with the flu and wished he was hope to look after me and the DS's who are being somewhat neglected and what do I get another bloody patient

marriednotmulled Wed 15-Dec-10 16:28:59

Sorry you're all suffering but every cloud eh smile

Hope you all feel better soon, sure you'll be delighted when you've got the energy.

MrsTicklemouse Thu 16-Dec-10 13:43:41

Thank you, it is quite funny that all the RL friends I've told have said something along the lines of "Brilliant!" he's not getting masses of sympathy!!

MrsSnaplegs Thu 16-Dec-10 13:47:37

Ooh mrs ticklemouse sorry you are unwell and DH has been poorly but yes every cloud does have a silver lining - problem is have you already posted his presents out grin

MrsTicklemouse Thu 16-Dec-10 14:02:39

yes had posted him little bits and jokey stuff etc but now I'll have to get him a proper Christmas present!!
The whole thing is very inconvenient! I was looking forward to another couple of LSA payments (there's no point going back after he's recovered, they'll be coming back soon)

MrsSnaplegs Thu 16-Dec-10 21:01:01

Mrs T - I know where you can get him a nice bedpan for Xmas if he starts playing the real invalid grin

flinginghasflung Thu 16-Dec-10 21:08:47

Lol! I bet he'll have a list of jobs grin it's only an appendix! Happy family Christmas x

MrsTicklemouse Thu 16-Dec-10 21:17:18

luckily for him we're going straight home for Christmas so he'll have 10 days to recover before I hit him with my list!! That's more than enough time, no?! Happy Christmas to you too

flinginghasflung Thu 16-Dec-10 21:35:04

Well done! Someone else can do the fussing too grin excellent they say.

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