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marriedtoagoodun Tue 02-Nov-10 10:17:21

My DH is the big cheese surrounded by little cheeses. It has been a very awful year and as a morale boost we are having a crimbo party and want to give a small token to each man (other officers and seniors). Other than wine or port what can I get? Has to be the same gift and relativley cheap £10 and under. Also a few civillian staff but more happy to go with chocs or something for them. Any ideas - not necessarily military themed - would be very gratefully appreciated.

PumpkinM Tue 02-Nov-10 10:27:23

How about books - biographies of sports stars gave usually worked when I have bought them for men I don't know that well eg friend's partners.

marriedtoagoodun Tue 02-Nov-10 10:31:39

Thank you - off to look at Book People now.

Sidge Tue 02-Nov-10 10:39:25

Cufflinks? This website has some with ships/planes etc as well as plain ones for under a tenner

They also do moneyclips and pocket flasks.

marriedtoagoodun Tue 02-Nov-10 11:46:37

Fantastic site thank you - really like the batmobile ones but they were too expensive. Still many others to choose from so thank you.

AScaryFuckingLemonadeDrinker Tue 02-Nov-10 11:47:36

30 T shirts saying "I'm with stupid", or is comedy gifts a no no?

marriedtoagoodun Tue 02-Nov-10 11:52:35

Made me laugh - but a bit close to the knuckle given what a lot of people are saying about Afghanistan (ie silly to have troops there). Will not go into too much detail but our Regt have had a terrible time in the last year. You have to double think everything as offence can be taken when absolutely none meant - bit sad really. We really do need to be cheered up though so maybe a humourous gift.... although I laugh at the jokes in crackers so am not exactly a discerning judge of comedy!

AScaryFuckingLemonadeDrinker Tue 02-Nov-10 11:58:06

Ah I see. I'll have a good think, mind blank at the mo.

Scootergrrrl Tue 02-Nov-10 12:43:02

I've just bought a few copies of the military history quiz book from the Book People for secret Santa at the various Christmas and mess dos DH has. If your lot are anything like ours, they'll have great fun trying to outdo each other.

WingDad Thu 04-Nov-10 00:18:43

When one of the chaps in my flight was moving onto another squadron, he bought everyone a bag of Haribos grin

I was so chuffed grin.....More of a novelty gift though haha!

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Thu 04-Nov-10 00:28:30

Ferrero rocher? grin I am usually good at thinking of comedy gifts but my mind is totally blank. 30 whoppee cushions? Is this all very low brow...? blush

penguin73 Thu 04-Nov-10 23:14:54

If they drink then BOB beer on sale in Sainsburys, proceeds go to a good cause too! Or the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' books are quite nice and reasonably priced. When we did a similar thing at Sqn level we got a range of different things trying to appeal to all and did it as a lucky dip which was quite fun.

marriedtoagoodun Tue 16-Nov-10 11:00:16

Dear All thank you very much. We are going to get a mixture of the keep calm range of goods. Any booze or chocolate would be eaten/drunk before christmas as life really is rubbish at the moment.

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